Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)

Phantasy Star Online 2 has released on Steam! (There’s also a big update that adds a bunch of new content!) And in true PSO2 fashion, getting it set up after playing it through the Windows Store involved a series of deeply inelegant and cumbersome hoops to jump through!

But I have prevailed against technology once again to bring about the Fit Check! Here’re some looks I’ve been wearing these days:


I have infinite questions about that last screenshot.

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Some context: I just watched Tokyo Drift with some friends, and it made me realize that what I think I need right now is to dive into some very self indulgent, base level aesthetic tuner shit and the best game for that, IMO, is Need For Speed, so I bought NFS Heat.

Its a decent arcade racer thats probably Sub-early Fast and Furious in terms of writing but it is absolutely extremely all-style-no-subtance indulgent and even though you have an avatar I genuinely think that like in all driving games, the car is the actual player character as it essentially receives XP and levels up. So, that said, here’s my car:

I have a feeling that the game wants me to eventually upgrade up to superfast European hypercars but hell if Im not going to try and basically drive this Sileighty til the end of the game I love it so much.


I bought the expensive shirt right before the new patch, where the materials to make it became more common and less expensive lol




continuing the FFXIV trend;

this came out a little dark (and i need to figure out the “pose” part of gPose), but it’s still more dignified than how she usually looks;


I think the best work I’ve done is my MHW character



This person is gonna betray my whole house in Game of Thrones and look hot while doing it.

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PLOT TWIST! I decided to get back into Guild Wars 2 instead. Here’s my guy, resting on a tank:

And here’s a closeup:


The Summer event (and the accompanying summer wear) is leaving PSO2 soon. So I figured I’d show off some of the outfits I’ve been rocking during it with the latest fit check!

Those last two were such a huge pain to take because it took me forever to find a nice spot in the area with decent lighting. And don’t get me started on the weather…


Made some FFXIV alts for fun. Doubt I’ll actually play as them much but it’s still fun to think about them as people in the world, or as “canonical” party members for my WoL.


I’m all caught up in FFXIV for literally the first time ever so here’s my celebratory new max level Bard look

and then my second max level class - this is just the standard level 80 Red Mage gear but I love it so I’m making you look at it

next up - white mage: watch this space


2:12 am… going back for more FFXIV characters


That second one put a big smile on my face :’)

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I made alts in PSO2 with the intent to have more ways to earn more money via weeklies and to have more inventory space but I think I’ll probably end up investing just as much time and money into their own looks. Here’s a fit check for the both of them!

My first alt is a CAST (Robot person). CAST parts are both infrequently released and can be absurdly expensive so I reckon they’ll look like this for a good while. I think I may switch up her color scheme eventually but I do like this one that I’ve settled on for now.

And my second alt is a Neuman (Space? elf) that I’m using to try out the pet class. Haven’t really settled on a style for her yet.



I really love my large Dark Souls II knight.

with her fursuit on


I attempted some Dragonlance characters in the Baldur’s Gate 3 character creator. Some got closer than others. (Also, ignore the incorrect names in the upper left.)

Caramon Majere

Raistlin Majere

Tasslehoff Burfoot (the female elves were much closer to looking like Tasslehoff in BG3)

Laurana (who should be blonde, I know, I know but I was going off Larry Elmore’s artwork).

Sturm Brightblade

Tika Waylan

and Tanis Half-Elven

May work on Kitiara, Goldmoon, Riverwind, and Flint next.


Bought Baldur’s Gate 3, made a very dashing halfling


Meant to post these yesterday but the date completely slipped my mind, so enjoy some seasonably late Halloween-y PSO2 outfits!

Some close ups:

and a bonus SUPER SCARY screen shot that I forgot I even took: