Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)

I’m finally doing what I swore I never would - I’m trying Skyrim.

I definitely may have modded the graphics, just a bit


it’s my updated ffxiv Looks: hello

got PALADIN to 80

updated RED MAGE

updated BARD

and white mage remains as my last post


ReCore doesn’t let you customize your actual main character but it does let you put silly hats on your robot pals so I’m calling that close enough for this thread.


Nioh 2 also lets you redo your appearance any time you want. So i’ve done tweaks as the story has progressed.

It’s been 26 years at the point i’m at, most of her friends are dead, and her best friend betrayed and murdered her.

Bright side she has a demon cat.



Okay, I know I’ve posted her a bunch of times already but, would my Titania in Warframe stop being so damn devilishly debonair!
(Ugh. There’s your small enough file, weird new forum rules. Here’s the good version.)

Your a space ninja, not a femme fatale with a helmet in a neo-noir!

Also, since Titania is supposed to be all fae and whatnot, another of her alternate outfits is very Irish stepdance dress-ish. I tried to put her Kennelly School colors, the school my sister used to go to.

Does Warframe need an animation set that’s knees crossed, feet out, and arms down? Yes.


I’m one part away from my own Titania Prime, and I know I should just cough up the 15 Plat, but it’s the principle of the thing, damn it.

Fam, I spent my Trump bucks on Titania Prime. I am not the person to talk to about resisting purchases in Warframe.