Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


(please, post more. Custom characters are cool)

These ones are more about the names than the looks. I did base the looks on the names.

Ecrutia Kalthart She’s a Mechari Warrior in service of the Dominion. It’s WildStar, folks!
I can’t find where I found it back then, but I believe Ecrutia (or something that sounds/looks like that word) is a hue of yellow? And Kalthart, because she’s robotic. Kalt is German for Cold and Hart is Dutch for Heart.

And if you think that’s bad, I’ll have you know that in Guild Wars 2 I have a Norn Warrior (Berserker) named Ursula Sturmbeorn.

The rare male character I once used is Viterius Flem (Elementalist) - I wish I named him Flameo Hotman, but I didn’t. I bet it was taken anyway.


i fell back into FFXIV hard after downloading the stress test to just fool around with the character creator. i ended up making some au ra since they weren’t in the game last time i played, and then ended up buying Stormblood a couple hours later. anyway, here’s my guy, Sawtooth Goro:

i’m looking forward to finally getting to 70 and starting to think about glamours for outfits, as right now I’m going through like five different gaudy coats per day.


My Shepard:

My Inquisitor:

My Bearer of the Curse:


My New Kid:

My Sole Survivor:

My Pathfinder:

… I guess that’s enough. I have more, of course, but mainly because I absolutely love making characters. Guaranteed to spend hours in one just for one character if it’s robust enough.


oh yeah, i got a new FFXIV character! well, not new, but i fanasia’d my old catgirl into a strong dependable mom. she’s in the centre here, the rest are three of my pals with whom i cleared floor 100 of Palace of the Dead yesterday! the game’s built-in selfie mode is an absolute godsend


Here is my Dragon’s Dogma Dude. He was originally a Warrior but now he’s a Magic Archer.

Here’s my Black Desert Online Zerk. He’s a saddened giant.

Here’s his daughter, her name is Ninja Daughter.

This is lingqiqi my Tamer

And this is Grandpa Abe Simpson

And here’s my Ash prime and Operator


My FF14 dragon boy, enjoying the sights from the top of a tower in Kugane


Some more of my children:


That’s a good looking Qunari!

I was never happy with how mine looked. The facial hair didn’t help.


His name is Colonel Future and he’s gonna save Goku


fashion souls


Why does he look like he’s about to drop the hottest Soundcloud LP of 2017


This guy reminds me of Peter Capaldi.


My Levellan from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Tried to get something similar to the way the elves looked in DA2.


So during a particularly silly match of PUBG the car flipped and I went into first person and saw this and died of laughter at how silly my get up is upclose.


Not what I was going for, but, alright. I’ll take it as a compliment.

The facial hair is gone again.

I’m also happy with the new look for my Elven warrior.
L: before, R: after

My canon Paragon Shepard is locked to my X360 and I can’t use that save on PC, so here’s my Renegade Shepard instead:

My Sara Ryder from MEAndromeda (before any post-launch patches)


Here’s a picture of my 2 Splat 2 Toon squid… and the back of someone else’s.


he’s kinda hot even tho he looks like rowan atkinson circa blackadder


Here’s Mir Lavellan, my bratty dalish inquiz, wish being mean in this game was as fun as it was in shadowrun hong kong, but i took what i could get & roleplayed him as best I could. he ended up w/ bull (ofc)

And Anise, my sole survivor, (plus her lovely shack)

Fresh Out The Vault!

At Home With The Wife

Chillin’ On The Porch!

Home Is Where The Hound Is


Handful of characters across different games, here goes.

This was my daggery/archer lady who I forget how she’s even classified in Dragon’s Dogma

Then my lady Orc from Skyrim post-mods so I haven’t a clue how she’d look by default

And lastly my roegadyns from FFXIV! (a pattern emerges)


gotta love the roegs