Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


Golfing me:


I made a self-insert on my second run through Dragon Age Inquisition, but the Qunari option was too damn cool for me to pass up so it sort of became a Qunari that sort of looks like me after I put my face in FaceApp.


Let’s call this a moderate range of my characters based around the number three.

Dark Souls III

Metal Gear Online 3 (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Saints Row III


Smarmy ass bard

Catte boi


tirdall, my mesmer in guild wars 2. i have several other characters but he’s my main


I got really attached to my Saints Row boss. I meant to jump into the series at 2 but didnt have anything I could actually play them on until 4 came out and wound up playing the main games backwards. Finally got the first game last month so I could finish up her incarnations. Having to recreate a character in increasingly less capable creators was kinda fun. My original thinking with the light facial scruff was if youre the leader of the Saints/president no one would be dumb enough to call you out on it so why bother with laser hair removal but idk how i feel about that these days.

here she is in gat out of hell, and getting to see her again in like two more cutscenes was honestly one of the bigger selling points of the game for me


Besides the Robert Downey Jr. custom character I played as in Saints Row 3, pretty much the only non-preset character I’ve used that turned out pretty great looking was my Destiny character. Finally started it on PS4 about a month ago in anticipation for the PC release of Destiny 2, hoping I can recreate the same look.


A very uninspired casual get up I have for my character currently. This is for when I am not doing anything combat and just running around messing with my house or whatever.


I’ve not played it for ages, but this was the last player character I created. My Xenoblade Chronicles X hero. She was pretty cool, I loved this smart slightly “gang leader” type of suit outfit. I had all the other characters in smart uniforms. I called her The Boss.


4.1 got me back on the ffxiv horse (i was logging in just to raid twice a week for like a good month or two, which wasn’t a great use of a sub but oh well). just finished figuring out glamours for ninja, which is a class i don’t play anymore because i forgot how to, but having more outfits is always fun.


incredibly strong look


incredibly strong stance


The Dragon’s Dogma character creator is still my favorite to this day, spent a ton of time in there making new pawns.


My Margaery Tyrell from Black Desert Online.


My Guild Wars 2 character is definitely my current favorite.


I love creating characters and customization in games a lot. Here are my For Honor characters currently.








Some really diverse characters in this thread! :smiley:

I looooove character creators! Here’s my FFXIV paladin / part-time ninja:


Another Black Desert character I like a lot:


Path of Fire has given my asura a nice new outfit for Guild Wars 2. I’m pretty proud of him:


So I think the hair rendering might be a bit buggy on PC for Destiny 2 right now (or maybe they just really had issues with transparency and this was as good as they could do with the performance they needed, but I think it’s not meant to render like this) but hey, it’s me!