Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


I’ve been meaning to post in this thread for a while. A character creator option, even if it’s limited, can add so much to my enjoyment of a game. All of these games I’m posting below were made better for me by being able to play as these characters.

Anyway (hope I’m posting these correctly)…

my Dragon’s Dogma arisen:

his cute boyfriend my main pawn:

my puckish Fallout 4 dude:

my Ryder from ME:A, really didn’t like this game but I was pleased with him (aside from the funky beard):

my dwarven Inquisitor from DA:I, I love him so much, I honestly can not play this game as a different character:

and finally, my beautiful exo boy, who got a metallic paint job sometime between Destiny 1 & 2:


This thread needs more Absolver.

I absolved and absolved and thanks to the new Halloween masks and repair system, now I get to be a spooky owl.



i know what you mean. i loved the fallout 4 character creator, its a real bummer that it wasn’t able to pull me through the game though, because my dude was prim and proper.


I like character creators in games a lot, to the extent I have a tag on my Tumblr dedicated to some of my favorite characters I’ve created for games. I think the one I’m most proud of is actually my Dragon Ball Xenoverse fancharacter, Avocado.


I like the gal I made in Dark Souls 2, she is Vivienne, the punch gal.


Hey, so a week later this is the current looks (now levelling is done with on PC; yet to find a helmet I like or a good Titan rag):

It’s hard to see in the shot due to resolution but the body pieces have really nice silver detailing around the edges that catches the light (here around the neck).


Here’s my Warlock:

Actually super happy with how she worked out, but I haven’t been able to play as her for a while, sadly. Uni work’s been really sucking up all my Destiny time.

This is probably my favourite of all her armour sets, since ‘raggedy astronaut’ is an aesthetic I generally very much enjoy:

Here’s my Ryder from Andromeda:

Didn’t get too far into the game, sadly, but I’m still pleased with how she turned out.

My Sole Survivor, in her early Vault Cowgirl days:

Tines Solarjump - easily the best thing that putting my name through a Star Wars name generator has ever produced - my most recent, and probably favourite, Jedi Exile:

And finally my cheat PCs, who I nicked off far more talented people on the Internet and made very minor adjustments to:



(The ME3 version’s a good deal more original than the ME2, since the less-than-perfect import process meant I kinda had to improvise a decent bit of her look.)


I’m very much a fan of my Hunter’s current look.


Welp, might as well upload whatever screenshots I’ve got lying around…

My character from Sunset Overdrive:

And here’s me in GTA Online:


the eyes on that Merrill are amazing


i guess this is more of an armour set than a character, but i am reaaally enjoying this look i put together in d2.


My l’il Lalafell WAR in an old glamour in FFXIV. I also second BRD, tertiary AST, and mess around w/ SAM. I keep a blog with glam shots but I think one is enough for this thread.


I know, it’s absolutely amazing what some people can do with CC tools. She’s obviously not an exact match for Merrill, but I think she holds up as an original character design fantastically well, regardless. I really hope DA4’s CC is as, if not more, robust.

(Amongst other things, the ability to actually edit body features - not just faces - would be just fantastic, and long overdue for BioWare. I’m not even asking for procedural sliders, or anything–just three or four presets per race would do the job. Of course, I’m under no illusion that this would necessarily be a super easy thing to add, or anything like that, but it’s a feature I’ve wanted from their games since, like, Mass Effect.)


To be honest, body sliders/body options (that aren’t just three different shades of buff/skinny with big tiddy) really isn’t too much to ask for if they can create five different types of mounts??? Let’s be real. (What I’m saying is, Bioware please step up your body options game. I beg of you.)


you climbed that thing? jesus fucking christmas dude


I have…LOTS of FFXIV characters, mostly to hang out with buds cuz my main girl is on Balmung which is perma locked.

Here’s some good ones.


I’m finally playing Inquisition.

I’d have liked at least some possibility for variation in body shape buuuut okay I’m pretty happy with my dude really.


Saints Row 4 lets you do things. Nothing but respect for MY president


I’m no developer, so I can’t really speak with confidence on any of this, but I’ve always gotten the impression that player character body customisation is particularly difficult for BioWare, 'cause it can interfere with the kinds of interactive dialogue cutscenes that have defined their games since Mass Effect. Variations in height, width, overall size and so on, all have to be accounted for in the way those cutscenes are framed and animated, particularly if two or more characters are going to be in the same shot, close to - or, worse still, touching - one-another.

To be 100% clear, I don’t think any of this would make adding the feature impossible, or anything like that–it’d probably just be a significant resource sink. Now, I personally think it’d be worth the required resources - being able to play as a genuinely buff female Shepard would’ve justified the expenditure all by itself IMO - but I get why BioWare might not, shitty as that it.

Oh, and to be a teeny bit more on-topic, I found a screenshot of my GTA Online character:


the new sonic game is really bad, but making my own sonic was actually fun and i kept swapping out clothes throughout the game. its too bad i have to play this bogus platformer to unlock more clothes for my rad doll dress up game

the best part is watching the self serious cutscenes as your doofy OC is there hanging out