Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


That Gamer hat is…something.


what up homies. this game is the bomb


My Sarah Ryder, myself recreated in FIFA, my Skyrim character and again, myself in XCOM 2 :smiley:



Your Ryder and Skyrim protagonist are both fantastic.

How’ve “you” been doing in XCOM 2?


Thanks! :slight_smile:

My XCOM-me is doing pretty well, actually XD Being a very solid specialist; sending out that drone to help his teammates and watch over the rangers at the front lines.


I have way, way too many images of my Shepard, because she is my favorite person ever.

And my main Ryder, Kate:

My Inquisitor:

My Sole Survivor:

Aaaand my player character from Sunset Overdrive:


Those shoulder pads are dope! :astonished:


Alessandra hanging out with her posse.


finally got around to finishing off sonic forces so now i can show off my awful amazing #gamer cat


Those Dead Orbit Folk treated me nice with shaders on PC.

Also, like… I get it… I never play Sentinel, but those arms aren’t going anywhere, ever. This mah femme’s warehouse, and I love the way I look. New shader system for flare items? Great.


my ff14 cat who i love(ed, i dont play anymore but i used to play loads)

favourite part of destiny 2 is playing dressup. all 3 classes around 300 light and raid ready if someone needs a ringer. winkwink

at first i was hesitant about joining a “war cult” but i like their colours


Here’s my Sonic Forces OC because that’s a cute little character creator, even if it’s not particularly deep.


kicks in door, completely out of breath

Elven Page… Elven Page… please tell me no one has made this joke yet. Please.


Been enjoying some Nioh and I love doing fashion souls in it.


Here’s my elven (elvhen?) Inquisitor, Anthemis. She’s an archer and a dirty, dirty Solasmancer, so Trespasser was a fun time. Uses the latex from plants as a kind of lip-balm. Does a lot of suffering


Here is my Inquisitor and soon-to-be Reaver. She is helpful, kind, and solves problems by hitting them with a big sword.


chilling with some wine


Some characters that I’ve made in the FFXV multiplayer mode. You can make up to eight and change between them at will in between missions, keeping your stats* and progression*. Character customization is surprisingly in-depth, even including height and weight options.

Edit: Ok, so your characters don’t share experience points or levels but your inventory and mission progress is shared between your characters.


wow those all look crazy good


Those are some incredible looking faces, I was scrolling though this thread and did a double take.