Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


your arisen & pawn make suuuch a cute couple!

on that note, here are mine, Lavender & Dust!


Here’s my favorite Witch Doctor from Diablo 3. I say favorite because I’m running my… 4th?.. one in season 12 at them moment… but I’m not liking that dude too much.


In Skyrim Survival Mode, the warmth of fur armor will save your life more than any heavy daedric armor will.


Time to resurrect this thread with my Dark Souls 3 co-op character, Granny Smith. She’ll destroy all the nasty monsters for you, then whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

So nice, even the angels want to photobomb :hugs:


I dont think I ever posted my Wildlands murdergirl here, but here she is taking a selfie with the Predator:

and here she is straight chillin


Recently fantasia’d my character in FFXIV into an Au’Ra so I could be the big big boi to my husband’s small catte. Figured maybe y’all’d want an update


This post actually prompted me do download the free trial of this game so I could make a cutie and emote at random people who walk away instantly because they do not want to be associated with me.


:open_mouth: what’s your cutie look like?


She’s been wearing that eyepatch for like 15 levels.


eyepatches are hecking cool!!


Got back into Good 'Ol Bloodborne lately so here’s almost all of my player characters(There’s one more but the Upload Screenshot function apparantly disables itself if you tweet too much)

Captain Yharnum

The Man
The Myth
The Legend
The Recovering Alcoholic with a broken arm and a strong sense of JUSTICE.


Dex Bloodtinge Bowner with a side of Katana. Remade her last time I played through because her stats were all over the place, ended up doing pretty much everything in the game with her. Chalice dungeons, Confederate Quest and the Marriage Ring included. One of my faves.


Seen here 1: Blinking during a photoshoot and 2: Performing the most powerful dab you have ever seen.
My first character. Played the game through twice before the DLC happened. Yeah, I beat Ludwig on NG+2. Good At Games.

Kirkhammer is Good.


She’s good because she looks a bit like The Boss from MGS. In my little internal fiction of characters I had her pegged as an Old Hunter, ancestor to Rinco. Made her for Log’s Wheel, ended up using the Moonlight Greatsword.

Father Gascoigne

Big Daddy G. Much younger though, by the looks of him.


The character I’m playing as currently. Bloodborne introduced the ability to save faces in the character creator, so I thaught to test it out properly with her. Exact same face structure as Lilith, but paler, different haircut, eye color, and those creepy scratches over her eyes. In my little fiction I had her as a doll-like automaton created to visually mimic Lilith.

Character Creation Can Be a Game All Its Own

i don’t know if it counts as a player character when the game’s not actually out yet but;

i maed a robit :grinning:




What game is this?

Also I know the house standing is that PUBG is a mess of tasteless styles but I feel like I somehow got in an admittedly simple but much more fashionable place than this game was supposed to allow.


Elite: Dangerous with the Horizons expansion. I recently picked it up on sale and it is really clicking with me. It is definitely not for everyone, though.


This is my Commandard Shepard, Jolyne, who I first made in ME1’s rather ugly character creation system and then left my jaw on the floor once I imported her to 2 and DAMN. MY GOTH ROCK DIPLOMAT/SPACE NAZI KILLER IS SO AMAZING. AAAAAAAAAA


I’ve started the first mass effect recently (I thought I’d taken a picture of my boy but… apparently not) and yeah I did the best I could but I’m looking forward to him potentially being cute as heck next game around


the ME1 character creator is ass (just try to make a black woman) and frankly, so are ME2 and ME3 - just slightly better iterations.

My Ryder from ME:A, however, is a super cute black lesbian with great hair and a killer scar and freckles who I adore playing. I really need to screenshot her and put her in this thread.


Heyyyyy so yeah, I’m back, and I started a new ME:A playthrough, and I LOVE how my new Ryder turned out.