Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


The Elite Dangerous character creator lets you get so ugly that this is what I look like in real life. Aside from the scar.


This is my facsimile of Danny Devito in Tony Hawk 4 for a planned (and still potentially in the works if I can make it entertaining) video series entitled “Devito Sports”, where i create film and television star Danny Devito in assorted video game character creators.

And there he goes!


I should throw in my Monster Hunter: World, err, hunter.


Xenoblade Chronicles X anime dude. This was before I discovered fashion gear, so he’s wearing literally the ugliest chestpiece in the game.


I was playing around with the MonHun character creator and ended up making a pretty decent recreation of my Dragon Age 2 character. I tried so many times to recreate him in DA:I and he never looked quite right so I’m just gonna pretend that’s what he looked like there, lol

Here’s the dude I ended up with. I felt compelled to make him look really sad. Like, maybe he doesn’t want to hunt monsters, maybe he just wants to look at them and get drunk with his cat friend. I based my palico on my actual cat, who seemed very pleased.


Hey, you know how I said before that this thread needs more Absolver?

This thread still needs more Absolver.

Also probably some Warframe but that’s a pretty big ask.


I’ll get you what you want don’t worry lol. Either tonight or tomorrow


decided to check out miitomo one more time before it shuts down… it lets you be real extra with your outfits, huh?

you can’t really see it but I’m currently wearing a sephiroth-style single angel wing


Here is my cute hunter of daring-do.


my hands stained with blood
the solemn hero who fights on the side of justice…
the eternal warrior wielding his burning blade…
seeking vengeance against the big dragon in level 1…
his friends call him MEATBALL
monsters call him THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE


I like that me asking for screenshots somehow really quickly ended up sounding like hostage ransoming.


huff huff okay okay I’m back! I got what you asked for just like I promised…

My Absolver character…

…and some of my fav Warframes


Oh, and my hunter…
(forgive me, I’m still very early. But that starting armor does look very stylish)


My armor is a random mishmash of stuff designed to help me kill Odogaron, but Watcher cat lookin GOOD.


The circumstances have changed. Bring us 50K in unmarked non-sequential US dollars if you want to see your player characters alive ever again.

Also Absolver has dyes now and I’m starting a winter collection.


Woop I love these, lots of great characters in here.

Here’s my Ryder and my Hunter!


I gotta get some better screenshots, but here’s my current jedi in SWTOR. It’s my first time playing a Miraluka through to the end of the storyline. I’ve played every other race in at least some class!


my miitomo outfits have gone into overdrive ever since thy started dumping currency on you everyday because of the shutdown


My brothers Warframe


I recently started FF14 and I’ve been playing around with the character creator.

The character I’ve played most: Catgirl Archer who just wants to be a Red Mage:

other character I like: Lalafel delinquent with a heart of gold (I named him Popopo-po Popo-po because I’m intensely unoriginal and Bobobo-bo is awesome):

I love how the character creator in this game lets you be on your anime bullshit.