Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


My Neverwinter Nights portrait looks like Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs all mad, but the character model itself looks more like I olded Daniel Wu from Into the Badlands.


I’ve been doing a Renegade run of the Mass Effect games, so here’s Jonathan Shepard. He’s a dumbass angry vanguard who rams into people at light-speed and then shoots their face off with a krogan shotgun that would destroy a normal person’s arm.

I once charged at the geth colossus from completely across the field and normally it would kill Tali’s friend but because I charged at it and just shot at it endlessly with my biggest gun it got up and started shooting at me and I kept shooting until it died and that worked and keep in mind Mass Effect 2 and 3 are supposed to be cover shooters.

Video game!


I’m normally the sneaky rogue-y type in RPGs, but Vanguards are probably my single favourite RPG class, ever. There’s nothing quite like killing multiple Banshees - y’know, the enemy you’re supposed to be terrified of getting close to - by just ~BIOTIC CHARGE(ing)!!!~ them over and over again, dancing around their instakill move while pelting them with shotgun blasts and biotic explosions.


Attack on Titan 2 for the Switch. I like the character creation options!


look at this good pirate


That is a good pirate

Here’s me and my brother’s pirates (we didn’t even intend for them to look related, but that was a fun discovery!)


Hi from 3025! (In the far future, blue tips are cool again)

CD Projekt RED Won't Commit to Gender Fluidity in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (Yet)

I just started being a MechWarrior, as well. (Should have gotten a shot of the summary screen, but oh well, nothing a little extremely hacky Photoshop cut & paste can’t fix.)


I just wanted to show some shots of my beautiful Inkling son from Splatoon 2 because he’s so dang fresh


Anrilyn, my Blood Elf Hunter. I’m pretty happy with the outfit I’ve put together for her.


Getting ready for the Destiny 2’s new DLC/third season with some sleek fashion for my Hunter.


I’m really glad that now we have MW armour that the mobility sets are useful again. I’m away from my console but I’m looking forward to getting hold of my D2 hunter for her 15 minutes of fame (in D1 she’s pretty similar to wracketeer’s guardian, but even more glowing!)

Edit: images!


Well… Here’s Stephanie, just taken care of the ghoul problem at the airport and recieved a spiffy new piece of armor:

Edit: Hm… apparently this forum is one of the few that can’t handle the Steam link format. Oh well. Feel free to click away :wink:


Splatoon 2 has a photo mode??? oh, that’s what the amiibo does.


Normally upgrading the armor on a character when you have a lot of mods installed results in a clothing mismatched abomination in XCOM 2 but this time the RNG worked well I think


I’m trying to properly get into Warframe after years of playing bits and pieces of it. Still figuring things out but my characters look rad. Wish I could still have the gag mustache tho lol


And now it is June, which means ABSOLVER SUMMER LOOKS!


I love this game’s look (and your looks too!)

I’ve been dying to get into it since I watched Jason over at Giant Bomb playing it and now that I have a little more financial stability maybe this summer will finally be when I start.


Reviving this very good thread because I’m finally getting into Monster Hunter World and I’m still not convinced this game is anything but a character creator.

EDIT: I will say I’m disappointed in the lack of body types in MonHun, especially after Dragon’s Dogma let you kind of just do whatever you want in that regard.


I like how the nose is just slightly out of focus.

(Also thank you for reviving this thread!!)