*Sigh* Let's talk about PewDiePie and the current gaming community


I’m at the point where I have heard so, so, so, so many horror stories about kids watching YouTube that I just cannot fucking fathom letting my kid use that website. I’d sooner go deaf from their petulant screaming to watch some YouTube than I’d let them watch a video in which there is a literal 50/50 chance some minecraft streamer will off-handedly mention their support for ethnic cleansing.

Parents: Why?


as A Dad I can tell you that my child does not watch youtube

partially because he’s 9 months old but still, I know how much the internet has ruined my life and by god I will turn into the worst Tipper Gore version of myself to protect my sweet baby boy from the hellsites of the world


(CW: Antisemitism, Nazism, racism.) The Right Wing Watch article on this has a screenshot of a post made by the Nazi that PewDiePie promoted. It’s a perfect argument, straight from the Nazi’s mouth, why the “it’s just a joke, bro” excuse needs to be strongly rejected. E;R replies to a question about how to pull people into antisemitic ideology with this: “Pretend to joke about it until the punchline /really/ lands.”

Yes, this post just says what we all know, but it says it. An active Nazi propagandist says that the most effective propaganda is humor, the kind that’s a joke, but no it’s serious, but it’s a joke, but doesn’t it make you think? If someone’s “just joking” and that act of joking is entirely indistinguishable from literal Nazi propaganda, it’s not on the rest of us to look into the speaker’s heart and examine their innermost thoughts to determine whether they really mean what they’re saying.


I don’t have a strong up-front opinion to offer (although I do have thoughts about this topic), but in case anyone is in any doubt about how terrible and, generally, under-scrunised YouTube is – while Facebook and Twitter have had their feet held to the fire post-2016, YouTube, despite being a virulent source for ‘Pizzagate’, is both still a hotbed – while Google’s CEO commented on it during today’s Senate hearing, it is hard to imagine how quickly they will act or, frankly, how much damage their inaction thus far has done.


The irony of the Google hearing is that despite the enormous amount of unfettered right-wing garbage Google lets loose upon the world, there are more people interested in complaining about where conservative sites end up in search results.


One thing that is real absurd about this: who cares about sub counts? People have 5 million subs and their videos only get 100k views. Subs don’t mean a thing. I get that it’s pretty much how only claim to fame, but still.

Anyway. I don’t think he linked to some shitty entirely intentionally. Pewdiepie is a shitty person and I think he comes from such a place of privilege that he doesn’t even realize that crappy “humor” actually has context and meaning because it never will for him. The worst sort of edgelord.

But maybe that’s actually worse?


He doesn’t get to “not realize” this stuff anymore.

After the multiple controversies over the years, his reliance on “ironic” fascism for laughs, his anti-Semitic humor, the jokes about sexual assault, the multiple time’s he’s plugged alt-right thought leaders, he doesn’t get to just Not Realize his actions are bad. At this point if he hasn’t caught on to WHY this shit is all harmful, he either doesn’t care, or is choosing to actively remain ignorant.

There is NO WAY someone hasn’t tried to reach out to him and explain, also, that man is an adult with money, meaning he has the luxury of the time and resources to look into why the shit he has said is bad.

He’s not some highschooler who doesn’t understand how systems of oppression or propaganda works, he’s almost thirty and has more money then any of us will ever see in our lives.

He’s just only slightly better than fuckin Boogie but with a much wider audience.


Honestly I think Boogie’s a different kind of risk. PDP epitomises the thoughtless bigotry spouted by a lot of young people on the internet and in the workplace. It’s not particularly intentional and isn’t indicative of any kind ideology beyond “I do what I like”.

Boogie has an ideology and positions himself as an industry pundit trying to respectability politics people away from the fringes and ends up endorsing nazis in an attempt to appear reasonable and even handed.

PDP normalises casual bigotry, while Boogie tries to frame bigotry, and the left’s response to it, as partisan differences of opinion that are both the same thing because free speech and the centre is best. I often can’t decide who is more caustic, but if you pushed me I’d say the biggest YouTuber in the world who platforms nazis.


Oh, I absolutely agree. But I think he comes from such a place of privileged, he is literally incapable of empathy and understanding because of how different of a world he lives in.


Pdp released a response video where he said not to believe the Verge piece because they can’t build a PC and then took shots at Sonicfox.

Sonicfox is good at fighting, though.


That used to be the case, but now he’s just outright recommending nazis and follows nazis on twitter (he started doing this right during the “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL IS OUT TO GET ME” ranting).

When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.


The whole issue with Pewdiepie spreading this message and his fans defending him shows the issue with parasocial relationships. Celebrities try to build a relationship with their fans in way that makes them think that the celebrity is their friend or an important part of their life and so people start to become emotionally attach to them. There’s nothing wrong with building your fanbase but the biggest problem is when as a content creator, you don’t acknowledge your responsibility that your words can impact others. Even when it’s something small, there will always be people out there who will take it seriously. Pewdiepie doesn’t seem to take that responsibility well. He doesn’t understand how his ‘jokes’ can impact others and can spread like a chain reaction or a domino. One single ‘joke’ can turn into something nasty and it’s important to understand that. He has a large fanbase and now, a good chunk of them are going to believe what Pewdiepie believes.


(mods tell me if this a little too mean-spirited, I will take it down. It’s not mine; I saw it recently and thought it seemed pertinent)


So one thing I think is incredibly weird about this whole thing is…

Like, Felix recommended Sarah Z, who has made pretty Left wing commentaries, specifically in her video on fast food social media accounts. So like… does he just not have any conception of politics? He’s reviewed JBP books, complained about the media’s treatment of Trump… but surely none. of. this. is. political. right???

also “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” lmao like the motherfucker needs any more money. It’s such an empty flail. It’s the social media equivalent of “voting with your dollar”. It’s going to do nothing. Corporations will continue to spread endlessly and game every system they can until they suffocate us all.

Honestly, I am just so disconnected and spiteful towards the “”""""“YouTube Community”"""""" and I am just sick of it. YouTube isn’t a community. It’s a platform. I can’t even work up a sensible or coherent response right now. It just makes me so annoyed and exhausted of interest that my brain just falls out of my ears. Ughhghghghhgshdhjasfjhahjfahjfhsajhf



I think it’s gotten to a point we’re his lack of policy is in and of itself political. He has been so vehemently opposed to regarding his platform with any level of responsibility and he’s actively hurting the community and his fanbase and marginalized groups. The fact that he still isn’t even remotely reflective about how much of an impact he can have on his fanbase is a huuuuuuge indictment to me, personally. It all but proves that he just doesn’t fucking care at the end of the day and that hashtag just shows that it’s all about the money to him, just pure unadulterated greed and self-aggrandizement.

He’s a 29 year old millionaire toddler.


If it’s not delving too much into your personal life, I am very curious what the reaction of a “normal” or unawares viewer might be to some of this stuff. As one who is way too online, can generally spot alt-lite and fascist rhetoric pretty far away, and also doesn’t have the patience for 2 hour poorly produced videos (at least that’s how I remember Sargon stuff as of five years ago) I have never entirely gotten how some of these YouTubers might actually appeal to a naive or unassuming audience. Like, what is clicking? How do you go from the “antics” of PDP or some personality to a figure so lacking in charisma and coherent thought and not get immediately bored as opposed to indoctrinated with their bullshit? Or is the problem that PDP already has blurred the line to such a degree with casual fascist or racist, sexist “joking” that the transition feels more natural?


So like… does he just not have any conception of politics? He’s reviewed JBP books, complained about the media’s treatment of Trump… but surely none. of. this. is. political. right???

This is basically what I was trying to say. I don’t think people like him even understand what politics are. I saw someone defending him on twitter by comparing his “jokes” about nazis to Charlie Chaplin’s portrayal of Hitler…


Lemme rephrase this: I believe that attempting to frame PDP’s behavior as political (does he understand politics? is he aware of politics?) needlessly complicates his behavior, and how he thinks about it. I also think that it is an intellectual trap that we are falling into while trying to wrap our heads around this issue.

There’s people like the writers at Ubisoft, who want to use literal politics (Washington DC, government officials, the ongoing political climate in the US, etc.) as window dressing without actually using it to say anything about politics (apoliticism), and then there’s this, wherein PDP basically just likes bigotry and likely doesn’t even see bigotry as a political construct.

As I originally wrote, I believe that bigotry is inherently political, but bigotry is also baser than politics. Politics necessitate high-level, conceptual thinking, but are ultimately informed by and composed of simpler, instinctive, emotional feelings, like empathy, or fear. I think PDP’s behavior is founded on that base level. He just likes bigotry, likes doing what he wants to do, and doesn’t really care about how other people feel. The fact that bigotry is political is incidental.


So if I’m reading this right it looks like Dianna Lora, a person working at Ubisoft Massive Entertainment got fired for a tweet calling out PDP on this. I’ll try to link an article later once I’m at my desktop.


Not according to this.

From her own twitter:

So it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.