Signs that you'll love a book?

What’re some signs that you’ll probably love a book?

For me its starting with a quotation from a fictional text about the larger world.

Or just like, a really well made map on the inside cover.

I love that shit.


Usually when I finish it and go “now that was a good book”.


it’s gay

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see, that’s the opposite for me. It leaves me with fear until the book is over unless it’s from a select group of authors. It’s like with movie trailers. I saw the trailer for Knives Out, and I’m soooo in on this, except the entire first time I’m gonna be scared that Stanfield is gonna die or be the murderer or be made an idiot. I can’t fully enjoy it the first time through.

For me, it’s when a book tells me exactly what it is on that first page and tells me “Hey friend, we’re all friends here, let’s go on a fun ride together.”

When it starts with the words, “Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.”

But seriously, Marquez was onto something with that opener. Build me a world in as few words as possible, let me know what I’m in for, and I’ll be compelled to keep going.


If we’re talking about once we have already stared a book, I know I am in for a good time when it is a first person narrative and we either told or it is strongly implied that all is not right with the narrator’s mind or there is reason to doubt the honesty of their narrative. Basically if I have reason to question every aspect of every word I am reading I am thrilled.

Prior to picking the book up, I tend to look for specific author comparisons in reviews. When Ada Palmer’s first novel was receiving multiple comparisons to Gene Wolfe I knew I was in for a good time.

When I open the front or back cover and its got a map in it.


It’s kind of complicated, since I tend not to buy books without a recommendation from people I know and trust. Books are something I have to spend for, and they feel like a luxury now, so I don’t want to get halfway through a book and have something happen that makes me want to drop the whole thing. Granted, I could just grab a library card, but that’s a bit harder given my life situation.

The easy answer to this question is; When I see a name I know and love the previous work for. The harder answer is that I don’t know until I’m finished.

If I can read it for more than an hour without wanting to focus on some other distraction. Like the words flow in such a way that it’s super easy to read. Some examples I can think of are the Harry Potter series, The Giver, anything by JD Salinger and Yann Martel.

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Hell yeah big map club out here.

Character moments that resonate with me emotionally and/or narration that zooms out to consider the wider implications of something that’s just happened (or, like, a rapid series of snapshots of things happening simultaneously in different places).

The last books that really got me were Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers series, and You & a Bike & a Road by Eleanor Davis.

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Have you read ancillary sword and mercy? Those books blew my socks off.

I love that trilogy!! Ah, they were wonderful.

Did anyone read Leckie’s recent standalone fantasy novel? Very curious about that.

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I love tragic gays I am deeply problematic I am sorry

(for me there’s a distinction between ‘is gay’ and ‘has a gay character (or two)’ which I can think about and elaborate on if you want me to - I know nothing about Knives Out so I can’t speak to that specifically but I do get what you mean)

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It’s the best. I loved the Raven Tower. It hit a special note with me. It’s so deliberate in what it is doing, it is so well thought out, it is perfectly executed and I read it twice in a row. I finished it and immediately started from page one. It has an idea, it tells you what that idea is at the beginning of the book, then it explores all facets of that idea through to their logical conclusions and it ends. I don’t want any more I don’t need any more.
Raven Tower is my favorite book of this year, there’s only one other book that I know is a favorite for this year (Zen Cho’s The True Queen, which is a totally different style of book) and I don’t foresee me enjoying anything else near as much.