‘Sims 4’ Expansion Not Coming to Russia Because of ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

Last night, The Sims 4’s dev team announced that their upcoming game pack, My Wedding Stories, would not be available in Russia because of laws in the country against “gay propganda.”

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I swear I’m not trying to be pedantic, but isn’t it “propaganda”?

In any case, this is horseshit brought about by Putin following the dictator’s handbook about demonizing a vulnerable minority. And yet, companies will continue to play ball thanks to capitalism. Fuck this.

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I feel like this is one of the few examples of them NOT playing ball for capitalism because they’re refusing to alter the contents instead of changing it and releasing it for sale?

All told, if the law is as severe as it is, how does the base sims manage to get away with being released at all? You can clearly have gay sims and it’s not marketed only to adults so… is the law weirdly permissive if the content is player created? Very weird.


From what I saw, the base game is rated adults only in Russia because of this law. I’m not sure how this expansion makes a change, given that, but that might provide more context

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