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First off, I just want to say that I’m a big fan of the site and I’m in awe of the amount of quality content that came out of Waypoint this year.


When listening to the podcast or reading articles, I find it difficult to discern exactly what type of gamer most takes are coming from. So far we know that Patrick is the Woke Gamer and that Natalie is the Joyous Gamer, but what about Austin, Danielle, Rob, Cado et al? I feel Rob may be the Tactical Gamer, but as far as I know he has neither confirmed or denied this, and if Danielle is Baby Tactics Gamer, what does this say about the Waypoint timeline?

At this point any clarification would be appreciated.


“draw maps, leave blanks”


Austin Walker Gamer in Chief


The REAL question is… what kinda gamer is LA Rob?


If the title of Baby Tactics Gamer exists then that implies there are also Elderly Tactics Gamers as well as Two Babies in a Trench Coat Pretending to be Tactics Gamers Gamer.


LA Rob is not a gamer, he’s a criminal


Austin Walker is the Papa Gamer

Rob Zacny is the Eloquent Gamer

LA Rob is the Brutal Gamer

Danielle Riendeau is the Big Banana Gamer

Cado Contreras is the Zesty Gamer

Danika Harrod is the Prodigal Gamer

u gotta read between the lines


More importantly, I feel Waypoint could do a better job of telling me what kind of gamer I am.

Am I the Cute Gamer? The Feisty Gamer? The Sad Gamer? The Gay Gamer? Waypoint, please guide me


Waypoint Goals 2019:

  1. Develop “What kind of ‘Gamer’ are you?” quiz



…your gamer type…comes from within…feel the gamer…in your heart…


The true gamers were the friends we made along the way.


It’s actually just me. I am the only True Gamer.


we’re all our own gamers :angel:


It’s too bad Mike Diver isn’t around anymore. He was the Euro Gamer.



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