Site Feedback: Let me like my own posts

@ Mods

Let me like my own posts you cowards

I am intelligent and funny


I do not want to be able to like my own posts. I also do not want to have to make the decision of whether or not to like my own posts every time I see the button.

One thing I’ve seen done well on some subreddits is when a person auto-likes their own post when it’s posted – every post starts at +1.

While this is almost definitely a hack workaround, I think it resolves a tiny internal conflict that may not need to be there and, from an interaction design standpoint, might be worth a try.

I also fully realize that this is a heckpost.

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Agree with OP. In fact, don’t “let” me like my own posts. Make me like my own posts. Make everyone like my posts. Why not? Don’t I deserve it? I’m special! I’m funny! I DESERVE EXTERNAL VALIDATIO-

By the way: it’s funny if you like this post. It’s also funny if you don’t. So, you can’t win.


All folks deserve external validation when they do the right thing – especially those who were not born with the face- and tone- reading instincts most folks are.

I win by not caring.

Here’s the thing, you can like your own posts but they have to be good enough

what, haven’t you seen the heart appear yet???



i don’t want to be able to like my posts but also how do i stop people liking any other posts which aren’t mine


My thoughts on this important subject:


you don’t need this if you join my private facebook group, Like Barter. its a growing community of like-oriented individuals who are seeking like-minded likehounds willing to do a like-for-like exchange. a typical post:

hey i am an Enthusiast-ranked poster who just posted a lengthy treatise on how my friends refuse to give anime a chance in the thread for Rob’s piece on militarism in football sims.

seeking minimum Aficionado-ranked posters to like (minimum 7 likes). NO BASICS!!!

im offering likes on the following subjects: anime, capitalism, alien girls, android girls, hip-hop,, and ghost girls. please give :heart_eyes: if interested. thanks!!

DM if this sounds up your alley. (do NOT tell the mods as I am pretty sure this violates the CoC. narcing/snitching WILL get you kicked!!)


I want the opposite. Let nobody like my posts because I don’t deserve positive attention.


This forum runs on Discourse, not Masochism

Please allow me to show affection for my own posts by giving them toques* to keep their ears warm on cold mid-April days. *(for non-Canadians, Wikipedia tells me the international translation of toques is “knit caps”)

oh boy. oh man. u better watch out. dont even get me started!!!

u bout to start an entirely new thread with this post!!!


If you cant like your own posts…how the hell you gonna like someone else’s?

Can I get an amen?


Sorry, I don’t know technical hat terms. Do you mean “cute fluffy dog ear cappies”?


I didn’t realize it until your post, but yes, that is precisely what I meant.

My lengthy armchair designer rambling posts would look so good in cute fluffy dog ear cappies.

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I would look at all my posts and just think “absolute garbage tier” and leave the heart unclicked. Yes, every time.

I don’t want a button that says “You’ve been bad and deserve to be punished.”

My personal policy and the only way that I keep going in life is to say anything that I say and then immediately forget that I said it lest the Shame set in, so while I understand the value of liking my own posts, I would never “like” or “read” or “acknowledge” anything I ever post


@ Mods

Plz let me dislike my own drafts

I am a fraud and everyone will hate this


sidebar: is it ok to bump joke threads? is that in line with the shitposting nature of joke threads?

anyway, bump