Sites that focus on critical theory in contemporary music

Hi Everyone,

After listening to the April 13th episode of the podcast, I was thinking about what the gang was discussing in regards to centralised locations for games criticism and critical theory.

I want to hear about the types of ideas and ways of looking at a medium that goes beyond news, is the album good?, interviews with an artist about their art etc. I want to read things that look at various genres / scenes / communities as a whole. The late mark Fisher’s work about music springs to mind.

Is there anywhere I can go that specialises in this type of thing? I’m essentially looking for a site like Critical Distance, but for music.

Mike Rugnetta’s podcast Reasonably Sound is a great example of the type of thing that I’m looking for, but it tends to focus on Audio as a whole and I’d love to read more about contemporary music culture specifically.


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Probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but Tape Op is a quarterly (?) Magazine that mostly focuses on recording and producing, but sometimes gets into the more art-y side of what goes into making an album.

Otherwise, I’ve only really found stuff like that in zines that are typically pretty difficult to find.

The Quietus tends to be pretty good, if not maybe QUITE what you’re looking for. They’re generally a good “culture” website full-stop with more of a focus on music.

Some interesting stuff they’ve published, off the top of me head:

don’t know why I typed “full-stop”