'Six Days in Fallujah' Is Back, but Why and For Who?

The creative lead literally denies that what crimes happened in Fallujah because ‘those weren’t the stories we heard from the guys we talked to’.

One of the Polygon commentors dug up that this guy follows OANN, Judicial Watch, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro on twitter, so we can feel pretty safe in writing this game off as pure war crime denial and agitprop for the Troop Respectors.


I looked through the creative director’s (Jaime Griesemer) follows on twitter and aside from notch and colin moriarty, it seemed he follows more left leaning people (like feminist frequency and the waypoint staff) so do you have a source on that? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone caught following those people would unfollow them but i’m not gonna believe something without a source

That comment seems to be referring to the composer, Marty O’Donnel.

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I don’t have a source for that unfortunately. @GibdoInferno identified that it’s actually in reference to Marty O’Donnell which bums me out for an entirely separate list of reasons.

One thing I can say pretty definitively is that Tamte worked on battlefield training simulators for the FBI and CIA around 2005 for a company called Destineer. That makes the whole thing seem much more like recruitment propaganda to me.

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I’m so annoyed that Martin O’Donnell is a conservative weirdo and involved with this project. The Halo soundtrack is some of my favorite video game music.

This quote from Tamte stood out to me.

“We do not at any point ask the player to become an insurgent, to be clear about that. This is an Iraqi civilian who was trying to get his family out of the city during the battle.”

This betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of the conflict. One of major reasons why the Iraq War is so intractable is that the line between civilian and insurgent is very fuzzy. There were likely civilians in Fallujah that welcomed AQI into the city and undoubtedly there were civilians who were radicalized by battle itself.

I would love to see a game about being an Iraqi trying to navigate the constantly shifting and incredibly dangerous world of post-invasion Iraq. It’s a story that’s remained largely untold in the US.

Also Rami Ismail has An appropriately righteous thread about the article .


I mean, they are not even hiding anymore the fact that’s plain old murikan’ propaganda, an article that really goes places!


Very few people are curious what it’s like to be an Iraqi civilian. Nobody’s going to play that game.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


Hope this dude can’t ever leave his house without getting pelted by an avalanche of shoes

The level of privilege required to think you can just say something like that and get away with it is fucking astounding


Jeff Gerstmann on the Giant Bombcast seemed pretty close to calling the entire game a grift, since it makes no sense.

The whole project is really gross. This feels like a developer who found a half-finished game, got it cheap, will finish it cheaply, and can release it knowing it will get a lot of free press purely on controversy.

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That Frankie Boyle joke about American foreign policy but it’s “not only will America come to your country and kill everybody but then 15 years later they’ll say your plight is too boring to even dramatise”


I wonder how well that will work. The Republican party has become much more isolationist over the last decade and Conservative media doesn’t really like to talk about the invasion of Iraq except when they can point out that a Democrat voted for it. Fallujah in many ways marked the transition from a very popular war to depose Saddam Hussein to the very unpopular multi-sectarian quagmire it still is. I don’t know how many people will want to revisit that moment, even if it will “own the libs”.

That was Jeff Gerstmann’s point, it really is a game for nobody. Even the shitty right-wing guys don’t want this game anymore. American Sniper was probably the only way to sell this war anymore to a mass audience, and even then I think the mood has soured even more. Fallujah’s reputation isn’t more toxic because most people forgot about it.

People just don’t want to think about an event like this.

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The strangest part is that the interviews Tamte has given and his history of working with the US military indicate that he genuinely believes that this is an important and untold story. He might just be an old-fashioned neoconservative shithead.

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How much you wanna bet he was pulling really hard for Tulsi?

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I suspect he’s just a normie Republican. Like voted for Kasich in the 16 primary, really likes David Brooks, and has a shelf full of Tom Clancy novels style Republican.

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I think this is right on the money. It’s important to remember that the military did not like Trump despite him allowing them to do more messed up shit themselves (rather than via drones like Obama).

They’re Never Trumper H.W. fanboys who were first in line for the Iraq as it meant there was another dragon for the US empire to slay.

This game seems like it’s a product of that ideology, one which is incompatible with the vocal base of the Republican party but nevertheless holds immense institutional power. It’s the kind of ideology which thinks that it can go against the grain of modern conservatism and succeed. The game wants to bring the Call of Duty audience around on the Iraq War and on military service in general and it doesn’t care whether that’s going to be popular or not. It should be popular in their view, so the resources should be made available to change the public’s mind whether they like it or not.

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I’m not even sure if it’s that deliberate. In the interviews Tamte just seems oblivious to the current political climate.

There are other quotes where Tamte goes after CoD obliquely, saying that it treats war like a sport and he doesn’t like that approach. I’m probably reading between the lines here but this does feel like an effort to sanitise and lionise the US military by turning the average gamer around on one of its more infamous crimes.

Trying to rehabilitate Fallujah is such a neocon troop respector move, and one which would be met with open arms by the military brass who don’t think they should be held accountable for civilian casualties. It’s the old Republican guy equivalent of tweeting through it but 16 years later.


This makes me absolutely terrified of someone trying this shit with something like My Lai. Not to say that any one atrocity is worse than any other, but some of the images and stories that came outta there, man…

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Mel Gibson himself starred in an adaptation of We Were Soldiers Once directed by Randall Wallace in 2002 and it tanked hard so I wouldn’t worry. :smiley: