'Skater XL' Takes Skateboarding Seriously, Maybe Too Seriously

Skater XL bills itself as “a head-first dive into the skateboarding world, where style, creativity and the perfect trick is yours to define.” Borrowing heavily from the Skate franchise, the game gives you big, open levels and a series of simple controls through which to navigate those spaces. You have a button to push. You have a thumbstick that controls your left foot and a stick that controls your right. The shoulder buttons let you grab your board and rotate. That’s the game. Have fun. 

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This is yet again, another great Cameron Kunzelman piece, and I’m not going to lie, there is a dark appeal to me for a skateboarding game with the bone-dry presentation, pretentiousness, and attention to detail of a Gran Turismo game. It doesn’t sound like this game is exactly that, but it keeps crawling up my wishlist


I tried a little bit of SkateXL and it didn’t quite click with me. So I picked up Session and it’s doing everything I wanted. It’s the same stripped back skating sim and i’ve just spent roughly 30 mins trying and trying the same line, if you could even call it that. I know theres a trial to try on Xbox too.

Granted I know nothing about skateboarding, only that it looks good.

Edit: Thats terrible quality. Here is the actual video

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Great piece by Cameron that makes me not want to play the game at all.

To its credit, this is exactly how skateboarding is in real life. It’s like any other activity or art. You practice over and over until you can execute particular tricks in specific places. You find a set of stairs and you make sure you can ollie, or jump, down them. Then you practice kickflipping down them.

If there’s nothing driving me to complete a career mode or get a score, then I’m just going to actually skateboard. I totally understand this if you don’t skate, it’s hard to pick up! (And I’m very bad.) But, like Cameron says, skating is partially motivated by “this will look cool.” For me, the Skater XL clip isn’t going to look cool or be worth my time in the way that just going to the skatepark and doing a trick would be.

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As a somewhat different view, I cant reconmend Cole Henry’s piece

I thought both reviews were great though I’m coming from knowing nothing about skating


The compression on that gif made me think that was a pre-rendered cinematic for some off-brand Tony Hawk on PS1

I wish I could say I meant it