Skinning should be renamed to Refleshing


Video games are edgy af and skinning isn’t metal enough for them. That is why I propose we should use the term refleshing going forward. Skinning also is defined as

remove the skin from (an animal or a fruit or vegetable).

which is very inaccurate for video games. Refleshing however very clearly describes the process of giving something new flesh.



If you wanted to talk about how often something was reskinned, would you call that the

reflesh rate?


Loving this Overwatch update! Hopefully I can reflesh my Bastion.


to revert your character to default is to deglove them


Hey remember when nobody thought about what words actually meant and this sort of thing would have been called “pimping out” your character/gun/sword/etc? We have indeed lived in some weird times.


if i complete a relationship questline with my shep, have i not pimped them out to the NPC they fuck, in exchange for my coveted paragon/renegade points?


They weren’t kidding, Nier Automata really goes places wp466b5465


But when you’re in a character creator and you hit ‘randomize’, maybe behind the scenes they are actually being skinned and reskinned (deskinned?) :slightly_frowning_face:

sidenote: anyone ever think of the real life equivalents of different customization scenarios in games?

Changing the paint job on my car in Midnight Club
Me: “Okay, that Dark Blue is decent, but let me see it in Orange.”
Body shop employee: sighs “Alright, gimme a couple hours…”
hours go by…
Me: “Hmmmm it does look nice…could I actually check out the Medium Blue?”
Body shop employee: “GODDAMMIT”

Changing my character’s hairstyle
Me: “Just chop off everything, I want it super short.”
Barber: “No problem.”
chopping ensues
Me: “Mmmmm you know what, can I see what I look like with cornrows instead?”
Barber:" You don’t know how hair works, do you?"


Putting on a new outfit over your custom skin is called double bagging, i’m pretty sure


Walks into a clothing store in GTA Online

Staff: Hello sir can I show you to our fitting rooms
Me: Takes a wide, idle stance as the clothes appear and disappear on my body
Staff: Well I’ll just be over here if you need any help then


I’m pretty sure I heard that for Halloween and Halloween only you can get refleshes that makes them look like they are wearing the flesh of any of the organic characters.

Something about the team really wanting to push that T rating to the limit and see if the ESRB will actually go back and reclassify them.


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