Skippable Foods

What super-common foods have you never consumed? Or at least have no memory of even trying? Not “tried once when you were five and never again,” but straight up never once eaten as far as your living memory can recall. Sure, who knows what ended up in your face when you were a baby, but that doesn’t count.

As for myself, 30 year old American, I’ve never once eaten:

• A Twinkie
• Oreos
• Pie. Literally any kind of pie of any flavor, make, or model. I kid you not.

Surly I’m not the only culinary husk, bereft of even the most basic food indulgences. I’m hesitant to even bring up national foods, as that list is real long. Like, just off the top, never had Indian, Mongolian, Thai. I don’t even what Pho is?

Is that sad? That’s probably sad.

Edit: I don’t know why I’m surprised that I was immediately informed of more foods I’ve never had. I was honestly just curious at first but now I think this may have actually been a subconscious cry for help. Anyway, addendum:

Alcohol. I’ve slammed some shot of NyQuil in my day, don’t get me wrong. I know how to party.

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You should try more foods. You may like some of them.


Pies are a good food format, very adaptable. I recommend trying one at some point during the course of your life!

I love shrimp, I love lobster, and I’ve never had any other kind shellfish—this despite visiting my grandparents on the end of Long Island 2-3 times a year during my childhood. Whoops!


Yeah, probably. Sometimes it’s real rad like all of Mexican food, and other times it’s sushi and you have to violently struggle with your gag reflex to choke down the one piece your friend shared with you but are they really your friend because they apparently hate you for making you eat that and are also a robot because they can eat that without shedding a single tear.

Food is tricky, so what if I just had like a burger? Again.

You might need to reconsider your frame of reference. If you don’t like sushi, that’s fine. Your friends aren’t mean because they try to share a new experience with you.

That’s fine, but what if you try Pho (it’s a soup style dish, by the way), and it is your new favorite food? What if you don’t like it? You are out a few dollars and probably pick up some Taco Bell on the way home with some new information about your tastes. As long as you don’t go into the experience thinking “THIS WILL BE DISGUSTING!” you may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, did you make this thread check to see if foods are skippable? Food is one of the great bonding experiences that binds humanity. It makes sense that there is a varied array of flavors from different cultures around the world.

So try new things when they are offered. Unless I am offering you Malort. I do this because I am mean, but I kinda like it.


I think my dad owned a mussel farm for about 12 years before me or my sister finally tried one.

Nope! Not in the slightest! Wasn’t even looking for hot reccos (but they are appreciated.) Was simply curious if this was one of those things that’s super common or if I’m the weird one.

I should really get one of those super-taster testers because I am suspicious.

As a kid I refused to eat any of the apples from our apple trees—store-bought only—so this tracks!

What does a mussel farm look like?

Rows and rows of miles long rope ladders on their side 6 feet below the surface of the ocean suspended by hundreds of sealed 50 gallon oil drums. When harvesting a barge will pick up the ropes at one end, strip the mussels off the rope, then feed the empty rope out the other end.

I’d much prefer the apples from our trees. They were of a variety that isn’t available in stores. I’m still mad we didn’t take the trees when we moved. We took them when we moved 15 years earlier. Why not take them when they are only 12 feet tall and finally producing fruit? And the plum tree? Why spend 3 days digging it out of the side of a cliff if you aren’t going to take it with you when you move?

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Honestly I like food and stuff, but I’m really easy to please and don’t love it, get no joy from cooking it. If someone invented a pill that filled me up and met all my nutritional needs, honestly I’d probably do that most days and save proper eating for special occasions.

I’ve never had lobster. It seems like an awful lot of work for something that I don’t think I’d like very much.

Took me a while to think of but besides I am 90% sure I have never actually had a kiwi. I think I put a fork in one and it wielded me out too much. Twinkies are the other big one besides things like…cow tongue which some family/friends seem to really like.

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Gotta get a lobster roll, it’s the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

You should try pie, it’s the best Dessert/breakfast/whenever food. And all of those other things you listed. Maybe go with someone that likes that style of food and recommends you a place to go, otherwise hold off til you get a baseline for that style of food? I didn’t like “Indian food” for years until I a friend took me to an Indian lunch buffet and tried all of the different dishes, and now that I’ve had them I know which ones I like and can order around what I don’t like(may have just been the eggplant at the one place I went to, because I’ve had it since and I’ve enjoyed it). Much like your sushi situation, which I’m fairly certain was octopus because I have the same issue (just get a california or spicy tuna roll, or something simple that you know what’s in it if you’re forced to go to a sushi place).

I’ve never had Durian, but that’s not exactly common… I’ve also never had Cognac? I try not to think about things I haven’t had, because there are probably way more than what I’d ever even consider due to my limited experience of the world and what’s near me.

I’m sure there are things I’ve not tried (especially if we consider complete dishes/combos rather than just ingredients) just because of how much stuff is out there and how some things still don’t really leave their local area of production/use. I was in Peru last summer (winter there) for work and had some coca sweets and tea during the meetings/breaks - something I’m pretty certain you simply can’t import in most of the world so something I’d never have tried if I’d not been there. That may be one of the more extreme examples of things which don’t travel but lots of stuff isn’t that easy to get hold of or just doesn’t turn up if you’re only exposed to what’s in a supermarket and local restaurants.

But I’d never avoid something because I’d never had it. In fact, I’d take that as a strong reason to try it because I didn’t know what it tasted like and might enjoy it. It really takes a lot (like a smell I find completely unpalatable) to put me off trying something new that’s food. But also I know plenty of people who aren’t like that and are completely put off by the idea of trying new foods. I don’t understand that at all but it’s not unheard of.


i honest to god don’t understand the premise of this thread because i can’t imagine knowing about a food that would take about 12 seconds to taste and make an opinion on it and just… not doing that for my entire life

granted if you’re in an area where you simply can’t access a ton of other cuisines from other countries then i understand that. in toronto we have a uniquely huge variety of various cuisines and i honestly consider myself blessed to be able to try so many of them, but my gf who lives in indiana has never seen a thai restaurant in her life


to attempt a reply to the thread title, i do believe that a bunch of shitty poorly-conceived fad food is about as “skippable” as food can really be. it’s often just a hugely sub-optimal mashing together of two disparate things. sushi burrito is trash cause sushi isnt meant to be as big as a burrito. gimmick fast food is just people molding that same 3 flavours and substances into different shapes to seem funny

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We have such foods to show you!

I’m of the opposite mindset, where I’m willing to try just about anything. The advantage in your situation is you have so many new experiences saved up! Trying chicken tikka masala and pie for the first time now will be amazing.

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I’d always try everything but I just CANT do mushrooms. Dear god I’ve tried. IVE TRIED. but it’s a textural thing. They are now my skippable food.


I’ll try most anything if it’s offered, I’m not crossing my arms in a huff saying “no!” There’s no malice or even intent to these food knowledge-gaps, just a long list of realizing “huh, that didn’t happen.”

Now we’re talkIng.

As someone who’s very picky with my food… Yeah. Honestly, I’ve probably not eaten more varieties of food than I have.

I’ve tasted lots of food, but lots is just… Eh. I know what I like and I have no interest in trying it.

And people who try to MAKE me try new food because THEY enjoy trying new food are the most obnoxious to be around honestly. Like I’m glad you like doing that! I don’t! Leave me alone.