Slamming the cards on the table

I didn’t see an existing topic about it but I figured I’d open up the floor for anyone who wants to talk card games: Digital or Physical.
I’ve been on a kicker of playing Elder Scrolls: Legends again and giving stuff like Eternal a shot.
And in real life I picked up both the starter decks for the Transformers(because im a sucker for metroplex).
I’m considering picking up any copies of Netrunner still out there in the wild so I have a second set to show people, but part of me is tempted to take the dive back into Magic and waste my disposable income.

What card games have ya’ll been playing? I’m interested in hearing.

In a few hours I’ll be unwrapping Keyforge, I’ll be sure to report.

Played “Dutch Blitz” at a christmas party, and as someone who doesn’t have the chance to play those sorts of games much nowadays, I found it to be extremely good. I kinda of forgot how much I enjoyed the sort of simple-ish card games like it.

I don’t really enjoy CCGs (since they tend to be pretty plainly skewed towards people who have lots of money), so I’ve pretty much always avoided Magic, etc.

I really like Splendor and Dominion though. They’re both really fun if you’re playing against folks who are at a similar level of understanding the games.


I also tend to bounce off CCGs, especially when they’re very geared towards ‘buy lots of packs until you randomly get the good cards’. But the beta Magic The Gathering : Arena game is finally letting me play Magic with absolutely no money expenditure at all, so I have to mention it.
(I hear that there are also v unofficial open source software implementations of Magic, also totally free, so there’s also that.)

Android: Netrunner is a seriously good card game. It unfortunately is not being officially printed any more, but if you’re okay with doing your own proxies, the card pool is really quite sizeable and the community is small, but passionate. After playing it, I can’t go back to any other CCG style game. It’s like nothing else.

it’s not literally a card game, but all the hearthstone players who are playing dota autochess keep accidentally calling the units cards. i’m adoring autochess. really smart design.

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I kinda got sucked back into CCG’s following a decade hiatus from them when Hearthstone first came out. I’ve stuck with the game ever since as a FTP player, though I’ve found every expansion since Knights of the Frozen Throne to be weaker than the last (tho Rhastakhan is better than Dr. Boom).

Currently playing a lot of MtG: Arena, but have managed to resist putting that much money into it yet (less than $20, which is nothing when it comes to magic) and even then it was just so I could draft with friends when they wanted to play together. And that is pretty much all I want to play in this game, but I’m forced to play a LOT of standard to get the money to play it consistently (enough that I actually made Mythic in the first season).

Thankfully, I did find another format that I enjoyed: commander. I made a budget deck around Alesha, Who Smiles At Death, which was a fun challenge building so that I still was paying less than a premade deck, but with a deck more powerful than one.


I also have a few Keyforge decks. I really wish I knew more people who play the game, because it is the one I enjoy the most. Especially my Shadows/Dis/Brobnar deck: The Screened Guardian of Lyonville.

I too wish I could find more Keyforge players, so that I might play the best-named deck I have opened this far, Countess Murder.


I still have a couple MtG decks, an old mono-green deck of my own design that uses Hardened Scales and Managorger Hydra with some other fun silly stuff, and a Meren pre-made commander deck, which is quite a lot of fun to play with decks of similar power level.

I tried Keyforge and it’s fine, but you have to spend money until you find a deck you like, which I didn’t have the patience or resources to do at the time.