Slap'em On - Stickers on Laptops

First off where do you stand on this very controversial topic?

  • Yes, cover that thing!
  • Sure a few tasteful stickers is fine
  • Putting stickers on a laptop should be a crime

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Second if you do show us what you’re rocking!

The laptop I ordered during black Friday showed up and I’m probably going to be spending the evening figuring out where I’m going to be placing mine on it.

I certainly won’t judge anyone for stickering up their laptop, but it feels like a very student-y thing to do. I think I’m just too old to pull off the look.


I guess it depends on what kind of laptop it is and who you are. I (foolishly) like Macbook Pros and so I know I’ll have this thing for a while and like, my tastes change!! I’d hate to slap something on there I’ll regret in 2 years. Also, I’ll likely bring it to whatever my next job is, and I don’t want to have to worry if the stickers will be ok or not.

But like, if you’re keeping it at home or are a student, or just know whatever is on their is something you’ll like, go for it, IMO.

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Death to brands cover your electronics in fox stickers!


I prefer to put stickers on more temporary and ephemeral things. I love buying stickers for notebooks and it’s a good way to mentally organize them by date.

(Knife Cat by Sarah Sobole, @crap_machine on Twitter)


i am a recurring character in a network TV show, so my laptop only has one sticker that discreetly covers my laptop’s logo


I have one sticker on my laptop and it’s this one


One time I was doing some writing stuff at Starbucks and this older dude with a big ol’ beard flips his laptop around, puts it in my face to show a photo of himself hiking someplace, and goes “so you would listen to me, huh?”


a dude i knew made a aperture logo i had on the center of my old laptop it was really cool.

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that’s a very specific flirt

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Can we also discuss the lack of Waypoint stickers?

I really need a Valravyn sticker ya know?

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I have not been the kind to apply stickers to laptops at all before, but I’ve made a slight change recently:


i’ve never been much of a sticker person but a super cute hollow knight sticker came with the shirt i bought recently and i think i just may have to slap that thing on my laptop

I haven’t put stickers on my things since my college dorm mini fridge. I don’t judge others that do, it’s just not really my thing.

I want to be someone who puts stickers on their laptop but I am held back by 1) fear that the sticker will be permanent and I won’t like it later 2) fear that the laptop will not be permanent enough and I’ll have wasted the sticker on a broken computer

basically I just overthink it and hoard stickers D:


You could get a laptop shell! I have a friend that does that and when they retire the laptop they pop the shell off and hang it up.

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Good idea! I had thought of the shell, but not saving it later which is a fun idea

I’m all good with anything that obliterates branding. But when you just add more brands I have a sad.

So I still buy CDs. Many CDs these days will have some sort of band sticker on the plastic wrap. These stickers are almost always easy to peel off and reuse. For about 3 years I had a clear plastic Final Fantasy (the band) sticker on my MacBook Pro. It went well with the aluminum finish.

Nowadays I put all my band stickers on a sign that I tore down from a music festival.

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OMG I need that sticker. My scrum team is called ‘The Mountain Goats’.

Just the one, to cover the camera.