Sleep as a hobby(knee pillow)

Hi there!
I hope it’s an appropriate thread in this section. If it’s an off-topic sorry, but I like sleeping very much, so it’s a kind of hobby for me, lol. Ok, let’s move straight to the point. I consider buying a knee pillow because I’m tired of putting the blanket between my legs and wake up uncovered with my throat ache, especially in cold days. Is there somebody who use such kind of pillows?

I sleep in the traditional Japanese way because, surprise, it turns out a thin mattress and stiff pillow are really good for fucked-up back. While I should sleep on my back, I more often than not wind up tucking a regular pillow between my legs and holding onto it. Never had any kind of experience with a specific knee pillow, but I like having one long enough that I can hold and put between my knees!

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I tried a usual pillow, but they are too big for me and also, all the pillows I have are made with a feather, so they’re too warm to put them between legs. I consider buying something like this one. It’s said to be made polyurethane foam, so it shouldn’t be warm.

Thanks to a very painful case of bursitis I had last year in my leg I now always use something for my knee whenever I sleep. Right now I’m actually using two throw pillows inside a pillow case (I personally feel most comfortable with a lot of volume), which is probably not ideal but it works well enough for me.

I used one of those memory foam knee pillows, but eventually just went back to using a blanket. It wasn’t a problem with the pillow per se, it was more just finding somewhere to put this oddly shaped, weirdly balanced pillow when I wasn’t using it was more hassle than it was worth.