Sleepless Nights: Games to play when it's dark outside


Hello! I rarely post topics here or participate on forums, but I am interested in what games do you like to play when everyone is asleep and so should be you? When it’s 3 AM and you want to go to bed but also you have a lot of free time or you just need to be awake. What do you like to play to distract yourself from dreaming? Or what do you just play at night, at the time when no one will distract you?

I am very interested in your answers, Waypoint Forums!


I have great memories of playing Oblivion long into the night. It hits me especially hard when it’s night in-game and Wings of Kynareth plays, while you’re walking through the West Weald and you look up to see Masser and Secunda high in the sky… Doesn’t get better than that.

Edit: How could I forget Peace of Akatosh, I guess for me, peaceful/somber music is key to gaming late.


I had a Sega Nomad growing up which was basically a handheld Sega Genesis with a built in backlit screen

This thing was great for playing some late night secret under the covers Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Road Rash.

These days it’s PUBG, Fortnite, and Stellaris.