‘Slice & Dice’ Is This Year (And Last Year’s) Best Roguelite

Slice & Dice is the year’s best roguelike. It was also last year’s, too, but I didn’t know that then. The game, which was released last year, but recently received a massive 2.0 update and mobile release, is arguably one of the most engaging turn-based games I’ve ever played.

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I have been playing the hell out of this game and it fucking rules.

Roguelike Dicebuilder is a great genre.

I cant wait till this comes out on IOS

Slice and Dice is rapidly approaching being my most played game of the year. It’s so so good. When you stumble into a perfect engine it is *chefkiss

Looked this game up on the Play Store and it had the magic words underneath: Single IAP unlocks the entire game.

Between that and this article, I’m pretty sold. The last roguelite I played was Evercrawl, which showed up on Tumblr a few months back, and I’ve basically wrung everything from it at this point. I like to find mobile games that will just let me pay some cash to have a solid game that won’t eat my data, so Slice & Dice it is!

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Sorry, I need to stop what everyone is saying.

I refuse to call it a dicebuilder

when we all should know it’s a Yahtzee-like


I played 15 levels and immediately dropped $7 cheerfully. Really good.