Smash Ultimate Political Compass


So, they’re Fash then. They align with the trainer no matter what their moral compass is, so they follow in step with their morals.

Also, Pokemon ARE speaking behind their repetition of their names. They aren’t just simple animals. They are cognitive of their world.


Please, Yoshi gets mad that his tax dollars are going to public schools.

Villager on the other hand is often incredibly invested in the betterment of his community through infrastructure and publicly funded works, where he is often the greatest contributor. Villager and Yoshi should swap quadrants.

Also Dedede is a self obsesed authoritarian despot, no way he’s left leaning


Villager is more neo-liberal. He helps the community with menial shit, but he would never dare question the business-centered Tom Nook, and the way he enslaves working class people with endless debt.


well when you think about it, no animals are simple animals. they’re just cognizant of their world in a way human beings can’t understand on a 1:1 ratio due to differences in morphology and language and please don’t make me have this conversation in a smash shitpost thread i’m begging you. have mercy…


i read villager as ultimately an individualist cipher, but i see the point. dedede might be a despot, but he’s a despot who takes on the role in a misguided greater good fantasy in a universe that is really lovely so i couldn’t bear to be so mean


Villager is simply working in the system they were born into, they cannot individually change things - there must be collective action.


Listen, sometimes we gotta be honest with ourselves. I love Ridley and Ganondorf, a LOT, but I can’t disagree that they are incredibly right leaning. And the honest truth is that Dedede is a right leaning monarchist jack ass.

(Although I’m split on if him being the ruler of a group of space pirates makes Ridley authoritarian or libertarian, I think there could be an argument for both)


I think we can all agree Snake is that Libertarian friend from High School who is all like, “Yeah, things suck right now, but what can you do?” And instead posts meme shit about how SJWs are ruining or society, or whatever. He also just shares military memes about like, "When you’re squad leader posts a DR3J in the Mess Hall,’ or some other ‘needed to have served’ shit that only 2 or 3 people on his friend’s list understands or likes.


Excuse me, Lucas is anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, as shown in the text of Mother 3, I will not back down from this,





Yeah, but Villager has the platform to make things change and instead continues to fall in line. They’re someone in the community that people look up to.

Let’s say he’s a low-key furry socialist on Twitter, but votes along party lines.


i don’t know what any of this means i haven’t touched facebook since like 2010


@LaSauce i’m very much on the side that they’re both more about domination than separatism, but right there with you

@EveExcelsior this is one that i might just have to take the L on, i went mostly on lucas and ness being children


I’m so mad that you’re right. Snake would 2000% be an ROTC kid


wow. specific. i love it.


Alright I think I at least argue they’re on the middle or maybe less right leaning than they are now on the x-axis. (All this specifically on x-axis)

It’s hard to decide whether they’re more authoritarian because they’re a mayor or less because they clearly listen to their constituents.


see the counterpoint is isabelle, who fucking loves public infrastucture


Ah, I see you have taken your perception of Dedede from bourgeoise propaganda. He is a COMPASSIONATE KING WHO CARES FOR HIS SUBJECTS


pahahahah see like, there’s a difference between dedede, who’s a bumbling fool who hurts a lot of people with his lofty aspirations to save the world, and like Chrom, who falls into the awful noblesse oblige version of a goodie


I can’t believe I’m seeing King Dedede apologenica on WAYPOINT of all places. IN 2019 OF ALL YEARS