Smash Ultimate Political Compass


As someone whose main exposure to Samus has honestly been through original SSB, what puts her in the upper right quadrant?


She’s literally a space cop


I thought she was a bounty hunter, which is like a cop but more libertarian


As a sad MGS nerd, I have to say: Solid Snake is someone who was callously used by the military industrial complex often against his will, and believed strongly in both personal responsibility and in creating a better future for the next generation. And he lived around ten years with Otacon, and was instrumental in trying to remove a massive controlling oversight system that was strangling the planet and forcing a war-based economy.

SHOVE :clap: MY :clap: GOOD :clap: BOY :clap: LEFT!


Well I mean they can reject orders if they are a high enough level unless their trainer has the right bad- oh wait nevermind you’re right


No, she’s straight up military. Bounty hunters in the Metroid universe are just elite space cops, because they kind of made up the lore as they went early on. It’s why she takes orders from a superior officer in Other M, whom she also thinks about a lot in Fusion.


so the eco-terrorism isn’t cloud’s idea, he’s a hired gun (well, sword) with a deeply unhealthy obsession about cops and soldiers even after he’s left them behind. i think he’s too much of a ptsd addled mess to have much conviction in anything, which makes him nihilistic and cynical and kinda gross but also a confoundingly compelling main character. that is my take that i will defend because i have played too much crisis core to back down lol


Having played Other M fairly recently (pro tip: don’t do that), Samus is ex-military and just-so-happens to be working with the Federation in pretty much every game. She takes orders from Adam because that game has some pretty awful thoughts about women.

What I’m more curious about is why she swings way to the left when the suit comes off…


I always got the impression that she wasn’t really liked by other Bounty Hunters because if how cosy she is with the Federation, but despite being generally well liked there she isn’t really part of them either. And I’m also curious about the suit thing, what went on in Zero Mission that changed her political views temporarily?


regresssion, I want to respect you, but there are SO Many flaws here.

King K. Rool is a KING, so he is almost certainly a monarchist

Rosalina is a princess, meaning she is also probably a monarchist

Link also works to protect the monarchy

Samus is a bounty hunter and left the military, which could put her further away from the Authoritarian camp, though I understand the placement

Donkey Kong is a wealth hoarder (see: banana hoard) so would probably be on the Right wing

Fox and Falco still work for the government, so their probably both further to Authority


…also why is Zero Suit Samus different from normal Samus

Does she just take off her Varia suit and say “oh, looks like I’m a Leninist now”


I can’t help but feel we’re playing with fire here?


I think Doctor Mario is probably a Dad-Democrat. LOVES Hillary with a passion, and has a ‘I’m with her’ bumper sticker on his Toyota Avalon. Probably leans more progressive than he realizes, but votes party lines. Has reputation of over-prescribing from anti-vax mommy boards, but cares about your mental health and your well-being. Says things like, “You millennials are doing GREAT things!” Intimate without being creepy.


The Captain Falcon placement confuses me. He’s a bounty hunter racecar driver so I think he should be more libertarian right.

Also why are Zelda and Shiek different. What happens to Zelda when she puts on the disguise? I’m intrigued.


Different alignments for the two make sense to me. SSB Zelda seems like an amalgam of all Zeldas, like the spirit of the first Zelda that keeps getting reborn. I would say that spirit is way further left and more libertarian than the chart indicates. Her one driving force along with Link is to make sure that there is not an imbalance of power. The whole princess thing is either used to make her an unlikely hero, or ill defined like when she spends her whole life thinking she’s a pirate and then realizes “oh wait I am actually Princess Zelda and I’m already wearing the outfit all of a sudden”. Sheik would be different from Zelda as that’s just one incarnation of Zelda, and they’d be heavily influenced by the Sheikah worldview, but I’m not really sure how that’d work on the chart. The Sheikah say their one thing is protecting the royal family, which seems bootlicky, but in this world the royal family are legit the main thing holding back superfacism, so…it’s unclear. Also if I remember Twilight Princess lore right they may have actually used the “protectors of the royal family” thing as a ruse to usurp power from them? I honestly don’t know how Sheik would differ.

Link generally only works with the monarchy or helps them incidentally. Protecting the monarchy is the Sheikah’s job. Also, you can’t treat this monarchy like other monarchies because this one actually has divine blood. In this world there is a very real reason why these people should be protected. If housing the Queen of England stopped climate change I would be all for it, and Ganon is worse than climate change. And again, Link’s whole thing is making sure no one gets too powerful. I’d also put BOTW link as more libertarian because he’s from an open world game with a story you an tackle in any order.

She isn’t really a princess, she just lives in space and helps stars find food

The biggest question re: Dr. Mario is whether or not the Mushroom Kingdom has free healthcare. I always got pharmabro vibes from him.

And yeah, Ness and Lucas are Antifa. So is Green Inkling.


Also, if y’all really want act like Donkey Kong isn’t an AnCap I have a 3,000+ word analysis of Donkey Kong Country to refute you

you all think i’m joking

i wish i was joking


The Heavy Class of Mario Kart racers are so fucking ancap, it’s not even funny.




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