SnowRunner, Or, what if Death Stranding but Trucks?

Check out this incredible trailer for Saber Interactive’s follow up to Spintires: MudRunner, just openly embracing the connection to Death Stranding

It’s a really, really good advertisement that bills large vehicle manufacturers like they’re actors in a Kojima game, and that’s amazing


Oh wow. I can’t get over how it’s so blatantly a (loving) Death Stranding parody, but still makes total sense even if you have never heard of that game before. Beautiful.

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Lol, this is very well done.

This is actually a title I’m super excited to check out. I had Spintires for years and barely touched it. Then I tried Mudrunner when I had Gamepass and had a ball with it. Cleared almost all the maps. Went back to Spintires and it’s not bad but Mudrunner is really a cleaner, neater Spintired remake.

Snowrunner is looking much more expansive and I’m glad such a niche sim is getting an opportunity to shine.

You just know there’s an internal edit of this that completely drops “A Hideo Kojima Production”.


Okay, so I picked this up on release day and have put in a few hours overnight. If anyone is on the fence, a quick reminder that Mudrunners is on gamepass. Basically if you play through its tutorial challenges and bounce on that, you probably won’t enjoy this one. Snowrunners is way more polished and as far as I’ve played the progression system has a good structure to it.

I’ve found the onboarding for Snowrunner a little dizzying, actually. The objectives will be something like “Deliver 1 Steel Beams, Deliver 2 Wood Pallets” but unless you have it as the active quest it won’t mark where this stuff is on the map. You can find it on your own by looking at the map, but there’s no legend I can see that tells you what all the different icons mean so while getting wood from the lumber mill is obvious it took a while to work out what goods come from the supply store or farmhouse. I’m getting into a rhythm of planning a route that will let me complete a few tasks in one go, because everything right now is very compact and straightforward in the first map.

One early tip - once the tutorial leads you to unlock the first garage, there’s a broken down Fleetmaster on site. The garage has a Utility trailer and there’s a fuel tanker trailer just up the road (though I think you can just winch the Fleetmaster into the garage entry point). It’s a much better starter truck since it has a diff lock and more horsepower.


Watch Alex at Giant Bomb stream it. It seems kinda relaxing but also like the Dark Souls of driving sims

Dark Souls needs more twangy guitar riffs.