So Fortnite is Doing an In-Game Concert with Marshmello

This image was found in a datamine and posted on the Fortnite subreddit yesterday. Also, Marshmello has listed Pleasant Park as a location for his next live show.

So far this is the only thing that confirms the event despite Epic not going public about it, other than what looks like construction of a stage on the football field at Pleasant.

So far there have been some leaks and rumors that this will be part of an LTM called “Party at Pleasant Park” with respawns on so folks can enjoy the concert without getting sent back to the lobby. But right now, that’s all rumors.

So uhh, who wants to go to a concert this Saturday?


This is a cool idea. Does it mean Epic is moving towards collaborating with artists? That’d be good.

But I’m not gonna lie, I find it off-putting that the first artist they choose to do this with is Marshmello when Fortnite has lifted so much from black culture and is currently locked in legal disputes over it.


I think they went with Marshmello because he participated in the Fortnite Pro-Am last year. So that was probably an easy choice for Epic. But I do think that this would be an interesting thing going forward with collaborating with artists.

Also, Epic tweeted this out

Which is a good move if folks want to stream the concert.

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Wanted to post that this concert was fantastic. There were some excellent visuals, and there were also gravity modifiers deployed at certain points to match some of the drops. This was the best Fortnite event I’ve experienced so far.

If anyone wants to watch it:

Edit: Here’s a professionally edited version of the concert:

And if anyone wants to watch an encore:

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