So has anyone else seen the new Netflix original Tuca & Bertie (if not I'd recommend doing so)? [Spoiler Thread]

Some background, Tuca & Bertie was created by Bojack Horsemen’s main production designer Lisa Hanawalt though it is not in any way set in the same universe. Though it is kind of unique in terms of being one of the very few American adult animated TV shows created by a woman.

I myself really enjoyed this show. I think its biggest strength overall is its animation and art style in terms of just how wonderfully weird and visually funny it is. Like numerous other adult animated tv series have weird visuals but they usually have to justify them with an in-universe explanation like Rick’s latest sci-fi gadgetry, not so here. In fact, I would go so far as to say in terms of visual humor I’d personally say that Tuca & Bertie is a step above than its adult animated peers.

I also really like the writing and how like Bojack it has long-form character arcs that touch on some serious issues but at the same time its also much more lighthearted and optimistic compared to Bojack. What also helps is that they got a really fantastic voice cast including Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, and Steve Yeun who fit their roles and character designs perfectly. Anyway, these are just my very positive opinions I’d love to hear yours if you watched it.


In case you need any more convincing Tuca & Bertie also has plant people so of course its the greatest human creation ever made.

A quick content warning for the show: the later episodes get heavy into subjects of childhood neglect, abuse, and trauma.

That subject matter is handled very well though, and serves to paint a picture of how both the characters developed into who they are. It doesn’t fall into the Bojack pattern of repeatedly trying to humanize abusive figures.

This and Rillakuma & Kaoru (as well as Aggretsuko) are great examples of stories about how everyday women can process feelings of grief and isolation, and grow into more self-confident people through the emotional support of others.


It’s a good show! The first episode was almost a sensory overload, a lot of sounds and color almost the whole 20whatever minutes, but once you get that the other episodes aren’t quite so “much.”

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the first episode, but I couldn’t put it down. Really appreciated how human every character felt despite the wild animation.


Hmmm this was one of the biggest things that turned me off to watching the show after I was spurred on to check it out.

Do the later episodes really tone down some of that stuff a good amount? I have other qualms, but if it was a little less aggressive to the senses I’d probably be able to look past them as I did with Bojack.

Some episodes more so than others! I think you should give episode 2 and 3 a shot and try to keep watching!

I love this show a lot. The filing cabinet joke in episode two still kills me. The later episodes definitely shook me.

This is a really good gag too:

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I love, love, LOVE the animation in this show. It is some Superjail level of smoothness and zaniness



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I wonder what the decision making process even is for this, because afaik, Netflix is endlessly hemorrhaging money, no matter what they do


everyone watch tuca and bertie. it deserved way better than this. the freshest thing in adult animation in YEARS and finally not from the perspective of guys. it’s also an adult animated comedy that takes advantage of it’s medium of animation to actually have things move and flow in such fun creative ways and they get jokes out of it to! the writing is also just so genuine and got me so emotional which i can’t say for other shows in it’s specific spot (animated comedys for adult audiences).

god i’m gonna be pissed about this for awhile.

wanted to add this tweet because it touched on something i didn’t mention in my post: (CW: for rape mention)



Considering how many utterly mediocre animated series have gotten renewed for more seasons on Netflix, or how Bojack has gone on as long as it has despite being in full wheel-spinning territory, I’m guessing this is a combination of slightly under-target numbers and just plain executive bias against a show predominantly made by and targeted towards adult women.

The combination of this, and how explicitly conservative the last season of Aggretsuko got, is a good excuse to not renew my subscription.


Goddammit Netflix. You give stupid Instant Hotel another season and you can’t renew something that was actually incredible? That first season was so very good, and without it I’m struggling to see much new content I actually want to stick around for. Here’s hoping there’s a way to resurrect the show on another platform.

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To add my own thoughts on the matter:


I wonder why they couldn’t renew this but could give THREE seasons to Big Mouth.


i wonder why they’d pay out the ass to hold onto friends for just 2 more years when they could be ya know , supporting their own content better. but i predict this year or next to start a mass cancellation wave (i mean it’s already kinda happening but it’s a little early to tell)

I’m not sure if a show has ever made me laugh as hard as Tuca & Bertie, but sure Netflix, order ten thousand more comedy specials from 70 year old comedians about how PC culture ruined comedy instead.

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I’m still so bummed about this, it’s been easily my favourite show of the year, and I doubt anything will come out to top it.

This show does so many things right, but one of the things I appreciate the most is how joyfully it embraces its medium as a cartoon. There’s so many goofy jokes told purely through animation that I will truly miss.