So how bout them Animal Morphers?


Anybody willing to revisit the Nickolodeon TV show? It’s got Shawn Ashmore!

ETA: Apparently the actress that played Rachel was in Quantum Break, too.


It has Shawn? What else could you Ashmore?

I’ve never read an animorph book in my life I just saw a lazy pun waiting to happen


There is a book quite late in the series where Rachel finds herself I believe on a space ship and she steals a convertible that is their for a fairly destructive joyride. as I recall she explains that while she didn’t have the keys “if you jam about two inches of a bears claw in there it works pretty well” only literal decades later did it occur to me that, you know what? I bet it actually doesn’t.

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TvTropes has a pretty good non spoiler summary I think

The series heavily deconstructed the Recruit Teenagers with Attitude / Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World concept, turning what could have been a Saturday morning cartoon into pure horror. War Is Hell is in full effect, with the six protagonists having nightmares about the horrors they have to endure, they’re silently tormented by the morally questionable things they do, the battle against the Yeerks errodes their personal lives and relationships, and over the course of the series they shed their innocence to become battle-hardened soldiers before they’re even legally adults. Additionally, it is emphasized repeatedly that their efforts are not enough: the Yeerks have resources, weaponry, and soldiers in numbers and power far beyond what six teenagers can muster. The teens must utilize guerilla tactics to win small-scale victories and sabotage the Yeerks where they find opportunities, hoping one day the Andalites will arrive to help turn the tide. But until that day, which might not even come, they are only delaying the inevitable.

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Thanks for mentioning that podcast. I’ve been marathoning episodes, and it’s been such a wonderful trip back to my childhood obsession with Animorphs. Plus, it all comes full circle because they mention Friends at the Table in episode 7!