So mobile gaming has PLUMMETED now, right?

Considering that people can now Play their TV or PC games, and that phone games are designed for when you’re out and about.
I barely play phone games now that we’re in self isolation.

I have no idea what the hard stats are on this, but not for me. I mean, obviously I’m not playing Pokemon Go for the time being, but I’m still playing Solitaire when I’m on the couch and anytime I have to be still and off my computer. It is, admittedly, the only phone game I play consistently that isn’t like, a premium game, like Monument Valley or Florence or Sword & Sorcery. I think that premium games aren’t likely to be tanking since those games can be played in small sessions friendly to travel, or in larger ones friendly to just sitting down and not really wanting to commit the level of attention you need to give to most console/PC games. Mobile rhythm games also fall into this category for me. To say nothing of freebie gatcha games, which strike me as pretty popular regardless of circumstances, but I’ve fallen off every gatcha I’ve ever tried, so I’ll admit I don’t super understand the allure.

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There’s gonna be a lot of households that have several people, and not that many platforms outside of phones. While I realize that a lot of people probably played their phone games on their commutes, I’m not sure I see how more time is gonna equal less gaming.


I will be curious to see if this is the case on a national level but, continuing with the anecdotal evidence, I can say it is not true my house. My wife has become even more invested in Two Dots as a way of unwinding/shutting off her brain and I re-downloaded Words with Friends for the first time in years and am playing that quite a bit. (Kudos to WwF developer for somehow introducing all the worst elements of mobile gaming into Scrabble; the amount of ads and unnecessary distractions I have to sift through to play a game is really incredible.)

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Do tablets count as mobile? Because if they do I’m going to suggest gaming on them has increased. I know a lot of people that already played mostly on tablet and I think being stuck inside has probably increased it.

People like my Mom are not going to be interested in playing something like Animal Crossing. They’re interested in Big Kahuna Reef clone#5


I don’t think this is true at all. The type of people who play games on mobile regularly and spend a lot there don’t typically play games anywhere else.
On top of that the initial cost in many places is completely zero, besides your phone of course. But there are probably thousands of games out there totally free, and at least a small fraction of those are actually good and fun, while also trying their hardest to scam people out of their money.

Initial reports seem to say that mobile gaming hasn’t been effected by this, almost at all. And the way that many F2P mobile games encourage habit forming daily activities this isn’t all that surprising. A lot of these games have gotten very good at finding ways to give people those dopamine hits on regular intervals.

I have heard of people buying consoles to have something to play, but I think that number is fairly low, and the type of people who enjoy these F2P mobile games generally don’t enjoy big console/PC games.
Or at least would enjoy them if they were easier and they didn’t have to learn an entirely new and somewhat alien input method.


I can now juggle multiple gacha games with shelter-in-place, so my playing has definitely gone up.

Can you recommend a decent gacha who was super into Fire Emblem Heroes until it brought in way too many different unnecessary mechanics? Like, basically, a turn-based tactics/rpg with minimal resources to keep track of?

On a micro level, people with access to home consoles and gaming PCs might move more toward more full end experiences sure. On a macro level, way WAY more people have a phone or tablet at home with no game console at all who now have a lot of free time on their hands. Taking everyone as a whole I’m sure that mobile gaming has skyrocketed.

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Another Eden is usually my first recommendation for anyone looking for a gacha game that isn’t too heavy on gacha mechanics. It’s the closest I’ve played to a proper JRPG in the world of F2P mobile games, and there aren’t too many mechanics or resources to keep track of.

But it depends on what you actually liked about FEH. That was a game I fell off of pretty quick.

Honestly, I really like trpgs and the Fire Emblem franchise, so a mini watered down version of that worked really well for me. That was basically it. When the game had basic mechanics and minimal things to keep track of I found it very pleasant to play.

I haven’t found anything as elegant as early FEH. The one I’m currently big on is Arknights, which takes tower defense but really emphasizes the puzzley nature of good placement and bringing in the right units. That’s probably closest but it’s not that close.

I’ve tried Arknights and it’s not for me. Not a tower-defense fan and wasn’t super into the design and art. Trying to find a replacement to FEH has made me realize I am an incredibly finicky and picky mobile gamer.

looking up from my phone while full-autoing this Granblue guild war on my couch while posting on the internet and also playing something on my PS4

Huh? Oh, yea. Wait, what?

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Yeah, for sure. Nothing has really come close to early FEH for me. I get the added complexity in character building as a means to keep people on the grind and spend more time in the game, but I miss how minimalist of a FE experience it was in the beginning. For me, Arknights has come closest but its closest is still pretty far away.

On the whole I’d guess I’m actually playing on my phone more? I’m often stuck in Zoom calls, and I can’t just grab Animal Crossing or play FFXV in a window, in case I have to actually participate, but I can totally have Marvel Puzzle Quest or Konami PixelPuzzle going and still (mostly) pay attention.