So Prototype 2 aged REALLY well IMO

It’s got a superpowered black protagonist mutilating fascists both governmental and private alike amid a pandemic ravaging New York.

I don’t know if they INTENDED it to age this well, but, damn. It feels great to play these days.


He really hates computers, thus making him anti-Silicon Valley too. We stan a woke bae.

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Uh, wow. How have I not played this game?

I had fun with it and the original, unfortunately I hit a game breaking bug that prevented me from finishing the story. I don’t remember if multiple saves are possible but its a good idea in case it happens to you as well.

I’m kinda surprised there haven’t been more super hero games in the past few years with how much money the Marvel movies were making.

I luckily never encountered such a problem in my xbox 360 and PC playthroughs but that sucks that happend to you :frowning:

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The first game did the corny “is Alex Mercer(?) a HERO or VILLAIN” routine and then 2 says upfront “no he sucks actually”, then makes its protag rattle off hilariously awful one-liners and fight evil mutated super-scientists. It rules, one of my pet favorite games from the last generation.


I’m always happy to meet a fellow lover of Prototype <3