So SMT V was announced today...what changes do you want to see?


I’m a huge SMT fan, and spent most of the morning thinking about how this is going to be the first mainline SMT title on a big-three, living room console in some time, with the last being SMT: Nocturne in 2003 on PS2 (though I guess a good portion of people take the Switch on the go, for sure). What changes do you want to see in this new release and what are you looking forward to? I know people are probably wanting to talk about this game given its announcement, so I figured opening up a discussion topic not only focused on the trailer would be appropriate, and maybe a topic to talk about what influences it could draw from other titles in the series.

I personally want to see some further modifications to the battle system that move it to be a little different from what Persona 5 brought to the table, but not as cut-and-dry as SMT IV and IV:A felt. I don’t want to see this go the route of animating every battle move to make battles take a long time, but something similar to what has been done in games like Bravely Default and FF XII PS4 where you can speed up battles, but animation stays the same, would be awesome. I want some more controls for the grind I usually have to go through in these games.

I’d also like to have world navigation that doesn’t depend on a huge map with a pawn-like thing to represent your movement. Navigating the cities in SMT IV was a huge hassle, and I’d love to see an SMT game take a larger scale without covering an entire city, so environments can really feel like places to explore.

Any thoughts on what you’re looking forward to?

Edit: Ah, I should probably link to the actual trailer here -


Biggest change I would like to see is a multi-platform release. :grimacing:


I’d love to see a lot of these games hit PC at some point. Having to dig out my PS3 to play through the Devil Summoner games has kept me from playing them for years :frowning:


Third person combat, character creation options (SMT leads are always ciphers anyway, would it really hurt to let me choose my lead’s appearance, gender, race etc.?), more daemonds, more humans.

Boom, print it.

I’ve got so few qualms with the series, I just want more ruined Tokyos, please.


I love love love love SMT IV:A, I think it’s about as perfect as a JRPG has ever been. I have no idea what they’re going to try to pull with SMTV but really all they really need is to do is IV:A with some kind of twist and less of the weird hodgepodge stuff IV:A had.

The teaser doesn’t tell us much, though the ending makes me think we might be getting a consume mechanic like Digital Devil Saga.


Yeah. I’m excited to. So what I want.

First story/routes. Please do what Nocturne did. 6 routes. Yes we’ll have goody two shoes, I stay in the middle, and be a bad demon. But add more flavor to it. Or please have it fleshed. Considering Kazuma Kaneko didn’t finish his rough draft scenario for SMT IV…maybe? Then again what was he doing during those years of his down time? It sure wasn’t him working on those artbooks. Ok I’m kidding…

Gameplay wise. Keep press turn in there. Oh the UI. I’d like something very streamlined like Nocturne if possible.

I’m not sure how possible it is to have tons of quests like SMT 4 but it would be awesome. Just spending hours or days an then moving on to the story would be great.

Would be cool to have the option to play as a female MC. But considering the series leans on “tradition” heavy it’s not likely? Maybe?

Story wise let’s see something different. I want some very sad scenarios in this post apocalypse. I mean stuff worse than SMT IV and SMT IVA.

My biggest concern is being able to save anywhere and everywhere. Because prior to SMT IV and SMTIVA, losing hours of progress after random wipes would suck.

I also hope Atlus recognizes their fanbase are 20 somethings and up. So give us a game like this.


I’d really like magnetite not to come back lol. I really loved Soul Hackers on the 3DS, but the constant reminder that you’re basically on borrowed time while exploring the dungeons made the game really stressful sometimes, especially on scenarios you have to backtrack for clues, puzzles or just falling down to lower floors.

And yes, even if actual world exploration doesn’t happen a more clear world map would be a huge addition. SMT IV was an absolute nightmare to navigate at such a low-res, especially at the points in the game when you have very little clue on where you should head to next

If I’m not mistaken, in SMT If… you can chose between male and female MCs and female is the canonical choice which is portrayed in the official art.


I agree with that 100%. And you know, I’m not a huge fan of the “loot game” genre, but putting personalization of your character as an emphasis here would be really fitting for this series. Something to make yourself stand out a bit.


I hope they have the guts to keep the writing a little sparse like in SMT 1/2/Nocturne/4. SMT4 Apocalypse was cool but the writing was horrendous and I hope that doesn’t end up in the main games.

I would appreciate if it was first person or offered an option for that but I know that will never really happen again. I know it was available in Nocturne but you had to beat the game first. It was interesting though because playing Nocturne in first person, it felt like it was being designed with that in mind at first so I was surprised it was an extra post game bonus thing instead of a regular choice you could change in a settings menu or something.

I hope you can customize the character’s gender/race/etc. a bit. The developers haver always said that since the mainline games are Tokyo-centric, that the main character needs to be a young Japanese man, period. But that’s so stupid because the games take place in Tokyo sure, but outside of SMT1 (not even the first Famicom/PC88 games) there’s no identity tied to the character that matters to the games’ plot of themes so it’s a stupid restriction. Especially when the entire gimmick of the series is “look at all these awesome demons and gods of all these people around the world believe in.”

Other than those things it could literally be Nocturne or SMT4 with newer graphics and I’m there day one.

I do hope this hits the PS4 though, I’m not going to have $$$ for a Switch for some time.


For a new SMT game on a more powerful console, I’m glad we get some of the flare and polish we saw with Persona 5. I loved SMT IV and thought it was really impressive for a 3DS game, but the animated sprites and stuff really made it feel less impressive. I know some of that was a throwback to the original SNES SMT games (which I have played and like), but going back to that after Nocturne transitioning fully to 3D was a bit dissapointing. So, I am very pleased to see that they have the hardware they need now to make a visually impressive new entry in the series.

Aside from the graphics, I also am hoping that they keep trying weird things for the setting. All of the SMT games are about the apocalypse, but each one has been a bit different. I really loved Nocturnes take on it for example where it was almost entirely demons left in the world and all of the humans were ghosts. II was set many years after the apocalypse in a Falloutesque setting, and IV’s split countries setting was neat too. Hope they come up with something cool like that and it isn’t a rehash of one of the older games.


Those were reused from Strange Journey lol. Atlus was on the brink of shutting down during SMT IV’s development and you can tell.

But yea I really liked the sprites! The way they used them was really cool looking and fast, never had to wait for animations.


I definitely remember some of thise sprites from Strange Journey too. That bummed me out at the time, but I get they were struggling a bit in a few ways behind the scenes with IV.

I will say that they really made up for it with those battle animations. It was surprisingly gory when you shot up a demon and the sprite would get covered in bullet holes, or using a claw attack and watching them blow up in a burst of blood! Was a little intense lol


Now that I realise, I’m afraid that with the excuse that Switch is region free they might not even release the game in Europe and tell us to import the NA game (at a high price). SMT IV was (4 months?) late release, eShop only in Europe and it felt more like a token release than an actual effort to start effectively bulding a fanbase around here.


I’d like to be able to save anywhere. There should be no random encounters: enemies should visible on screen and not just appear out of nowhere and run blindly towards you. Demons should be hanging around, doing, you know, demon stuff…playing cards, lounging sideways, smoking…aggressive ones stalking around as well, maybe hunting other humans on the map.
Would be fun if the main character were demonic itself like Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga and you could devour demons instead of recruiting them, and your avatar would sprout arms, heads, wings, etc…


I would like to see it put on PC instead of just the Nintendo iPad mini. Other than that I would like it to have better writing then SMTIV and SMTIV: and I know this ship has already sailed but NO MORE TEENS. Teens in media suck stop making me play as them. Unless you are making a Gilmore Girls game. Also get Kazuma Kaneko back on as art lead at the very least. More Kubrick less Power Rangers

Basically I want the exact polar opposite of Persona 5


Curious if their willing to change the combat system or add new elements to the turn base. Other then that I all for a new SMT game.


Oh also queer people who aren’t a joke to be laughed at that would be good sigh


We’re sadly talking about Japan. They’re either going to be portrayed as abusive/disturbed/damaged/evil, or just heavily stereotyped (Like the gay twins in Xenoblade X). Probably both.

Either that or good-old queer-baiting to just end up saying “nah, this character is actually cis/straight, what a relief!” which is also really infuriating.


Lets not do this.