So, uh, how 'bout that Doom Eternal preview?

Holy heck. That looked like everything I’d want out of a sequel to DOOM 2k16, even if they made the map even less legible!

That grappling hook looks so awesome, I love the idea of Doom having Titanfall-ass mobility options and it looks like you get to go to Heaven(?) which is nuts. Bring on more goofy Doom lore!

I don’t want to get too hyped, that was way too methodical to be real gameplay, but right now, I’m kinda down for this.

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From the top comment on the video by LFP Gaming

Starts at 26:07
DOOM:Eternal trailer is at 1:09:07
DOOM:Eternal gameplay is at 1:16:20
More DOOM:Eternal gameplay at 1:29:50

The additions to player movement seem really neat. I liked how much the footage had the Doom Slayer dashing/boosting all over place. It actually reminds me of the RAGE 2 demos in that regard. I wouldn’t be surprised if they shared that tech while developing both of those games.

I’m really curious to hear more about the player invasion mechanic and the nature of the campaign more generally. The “Eternal” title has me suspecting this game will try to come up with ways of encouraging players to play it past seeing whatever story it has. I have my doubts they’ll simply have a traditional multiplayer mode this time. If it were up to me I’d love to see them try to break campaign missions out into a Left 4 Dead model, with even some kind of co-op play.

Unfortunately there were parts of the presentation, namely the writing, that kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. “Demon might be an offensive term, we prefer mortally challenged” is a shitty joke and it leaves me worried that this new DOOM intends on cheekily pointing towards the current political climate and contrasting that to it’s hell on earth setting. I really don’t want that, especially if those “jokes” carry with them an air of punching down in much the same way as that aforementioned throwaway line. There’s a thin line between “look at this megacorp caring about diversity and political correction, isn’t that funny?” and “diversity and political correctness? what a joke”. The 2016 game was much better served when it was reverently making fun of its storied lore and world building.


That line was definitely a groaner, yeah. I hope humor like that, if it must exist, is restricted to those jokey holograms.

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re: the writing

Between the demon is an offensive term line, the earth is the melding pot of the universe line, and the let’s make our friends feel welcome in their new home, or whatever, I’m getting some real bad vibes here–especially given the invasion angle. I’m not sure how to word this exactly, but it seems like, from the player’s perspective/ the doomslayer’s perspective, you’re kind of living out the alt-right/ fascist power fantasy.

I dunno. I’m kind of awaiting some better takes than my own on this, but I was getting reeeeal uncomfortable during that demo, thinking “Am the only one seeing this?”


I haven’t seen footage yet, but from all that I’ve read this all seems like extremely my shit. I get people making comparisons of the invasion mechanic with Dark Souls, but Perfect Dark did that shit way back in 2000. Y’all dorks keep forgetting about Joanna. :slight_smile:

Also, love that they’re doubling down on a Switch version. It’s probably not going to be great, but I appreciate id’s moxie.


I completely agree…! The narrative tone is going to be a big concern of mine for the next few months. The line you mentioned was by far the worst, but everything that character said was in that vein: “let’s help to make our friends’ transition into their new world a comfortable one,” “Earth is the melting pot of the universe,” etc.

The most generous possible read of this character would be that they’re trying to demonstrate the inevitable ends of inclusion (i.e. you can’t ethically show “tolerance” to bigots, hate groups, or, well, literal demons). But like you said, they’re doing that while also leaning in to the whole “boy inclusion sure is laughable and literal hell on earth, right guys??” If that’s as generous as I can twist it, that’s…uh, not good.

They’ve already been making that point re: inclusion with the Wolfenstein games and their marketing, and they did so a hell of a lot more effectively than this specific character appears to.


I still love the idea of new Doom on switch, I wouldn’t have bought 2016 for the system otherwise. Let’s hope the motion blur isn’t practically lethal this time around.

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Ok question about Doom 2016/ Wolfenstein. I bought Wolfenstein The New Colossus and absolutely hated it. The story and the characters were great, but the actual gameplay was not my jam. I’m not sure if it’s because it was an FPS, a genre I don’t play often, or if it was because the game was actually bad. Is Doom 2016 better? I really want to give it a try, but don’t want to drop $20 if I just end up disliking it as much as Wolfenstein.

Also this new trailer feels… bad. It’s been mentioned, but I don’t think that jokes about political correctness/diversity carry very well in 2018.

@mufosta the problem with Wolf 2 was BJ’s fragility and shoddy hit detection, issues Nu-Doom doesn’t really have. It always communicates clearly when you’re about to die and the glory kill system helps keep you in good health, it’s just much more rhythmically satisfying than Wolf 2.


Why does every game feel like it needs to address anything about the political climate, like, at all.

Correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve never played a doom game before (though I want to play the one from 2016) but isn’t it literally just about like…killing demons and stuff. Can we not just stick to that.

I just don’t expect games to handle satire very well, I don’t think (if that’s even what this was an attempt at). The demon “joke” is some real /r/tia 2012-era stuff, not something I expect from professional writers.

Doom 2016 is miles better in terms of gameplay, imo. I loved Wolfenstein’s story, but playing the game was infuriating at times. There’s a lot of weird difficulty spikes and you end up having to play it as a first person cover shooter, which kinda sucks.

Doom 16 gives you a ton more health to play with, more movement options, and mechanics that specifically rewards you for diving into enemies with health and ammo. It works because you get to choose when you just kill a demon and when to glorykill it for health. The chainsaw refills your ammo if you end up running low.

@trty0 is right on about the game having a great rhythm. The soundtrack is awesome too.

That “joke” from the trailer is so out of place, especially coming from Doom 2016. Nu-Doom stuck to what it was good at, killing legions of demons, and didn’t bother with anything else really. There was a nice meta-joke in the first 5 minutes of the game where it sounds like the game is launching into a tutorial and the Doom Marine just punches the screen, grabs a gun, and moves you into the next room to start killing demons.

More jokes about the Doom Marine being a dumb demon murdering machine and less ableist bullshit please.

I don’t know which is worse, that demon line of the Metal Wolf Chaos tagline Devlover came up with.

Otherwise looks cool and will probably be better than it seems here because Bethesda’s marketing team doesn’t seem to know how to sell DOOM at all. Remember how bad the marketing for the first one was? Everyone was actively dreading it until reviews came out.

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Honestly the trailer with New Noise by Refused is so freaking good. I’ve checked out the soundtrack and really dig it. At $20 I think I might have to try it before I write off first person shooters completely.

Hundred per cent. Remember how that final trailer had Refused’s New Noise as the music, for the Doom reboot?

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A lot of the Codex and visual/audio enviornmental storytelling in Doom 2016 was actually really funny “This is completely normal” dark humor including the employee logs casually talking about working for a cult that wants to harvest energy from hell and demon codexes. It makes sense to double down on that, but what Eternal is getting wrong is going for “Isn’t it funny the evil corporation is incredibly progressive and good to work for?” which reached it’s apex back at the Hank Scorpio episode of the Simpsons and has been on a decline since. Nu-Doom worked because it played the company aspect completely straight and pitch black and I feel they are missing it.

There are some great aspects to the humor in Eternal that I do love like being able to shoot a rocket at a Cacodemon’s face, that the Cacodemon can actually eat. Then it explodes in their stomach in a really cartoonish manner (Including some great facial expressions on the Cacodemon. And even on the demons across the board) that complement the frantic nature. The scene they showed on the UAC facility where Doomguy walks through the corridors and the human employees are absolutely terrified was fantastic and that’s the sort of humor they should be gunning for. Hopefully they will change it up a bit because it was an absolute hell of a trailer otherwise.


I wanna like a second DOOM game but man…fucking, lives, really? Mediocre invasion mechanics? bad “haha identity politics” jokes?

edit: apparently the lives are just “you respawn on the spot” but boyyyyy do they communicate that badly in that trailer lol

Soundtrack is still amazing.
Humor fell flat, glad I’m not alone in feeling that way.


I’m glad to see at least from a gameplay perspective they are just taking what worked and improving on it. All the new movement based abilities looked great!

The humor felt very off. It was jarring given how Doom 2016’s humor could be delightfully dry and had some really great bits on corporate culture.

I also forgot about it completely after that glory kill where he just punched a possessed’s head down into its torso.

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