So, uh, should we talk about the DISASTER that was that Gearbox Conference?

I really feel bad for the devs who had to be sidelined to Randy’s magic show, and then see their work fall apart on stage in front of thousands of people.

Here’s the trailers though:

Borderlands 3

Borderlands Game of the Year:

As an editor, I was pulling my hair out when I saw Windows Movie Maker. Like the comedy in these games, it seems their editing tech hasn’t moved since 2012.

My hot take is that Borderlands is fun to play with friends and I will play borderlands 3 with friends and probably have a very nice time indeed.


I really like the new character designs but otherwise I never really enjoyed playing the Borderlands games, and the one thing it had, art style and procedural guns have also eroded in interest for me.
That stage presence and technical mess on that stream was a cascade of second hand embarrassment though, dear me.

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I kind of feel bad for pointing at it, but not so much because it was Mr. Medieval Times himself, Randy Pitchford, putting his terrible face and magic all over the presentation.

I’ve always thought Borderlands looked and played fantastically, but the juvenile writing always held these games back for me.


Pitchford, ever the magician, makes my interest in Gearbox developed games… DISAPPEAR.


I was pretty burned out by the end of Borderlands 2, but Tales from the Borderlands was so godamn good that i want to play it because i want to see those characters.


Borderlands is very good and probably the most queer game series from a major developer and that’s good.

I just wish Randy Pitchford didn’t come around every time the studio ever does any Borderlands related PR to take all the credit and proceed to embarrass everyone much more than an outdated meme ever could.

Also I will defend the Borderlands humor, the memes aren’t as numerous as you’ve heard and eventually become white noise, leaving the really good dark comedy to shine through (Zero making a baby cry is one of the funniest things a videogame has ever done).


I’m honestly pretty disappointed that the main girl from Tales from the Borderlands doesn’t seem to be a playable character.

I remember beating that game and thinking “man I can’t wait til the next mainline game to get a chance to actually play as her.”

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I didn’t see anything in this trailer that looked like a significant change from Borderlands 2. That formula was starting to wear thin six and a half years ago. Schlooters have seen so much change since then and it doesn’t look like Borderlands has changed much with them.

That could be a good thing. One of those games that doesn’t require the commitment of a Destiny or Division would be nice.

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I was thinking it was going to go for a more expansive feel, but it honestly just looks like a year-later sequel to Borderlands 2.

Which is pretty weird, but… Why shake up a formula that worked for so many fans?

At work, we have professional designers using Adobe Creative Cloud who cannot convert a static image into a ten-minute static video file; I, the IT guy, has to do it for them in Windows Movie Maker.

Don’t knock the classics, is what I’m saying.

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H.264 with VLC or bust.

Ogg. Vorbis.

Not really a relevant file type for this discussion but I wanted to say it because it’s the format that sounds most like the name of a villainous wizard.


I still can’t believe they got Randy up on stage to do a magic trick for like a full ten minutes.

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I got my friends on discord with a, “Guys, look how bad this is.” AND THEN the glitches started.

It is. I look at modern loot shooters and feel like I want to vomit with how overly complicated they can get or how badly the multiplayer elements are laid out.

Borderlands is just like “Hey you and your buddies can do a campaign and one of you hosts it and maybe you can help out your buddies with their solo campaigns if you want” AND THAT’S AMAZING




Whenever there are issues with stuff like Destiny, I think about how Borderlands managed to do a series of successful schlooters years ago.


Wait, I understand this isn’t the goal of this thread, but what happened in the conference???





Quick recap:

The first 10 minutes or so were of Randy Pitchford doing magic, and then they started to show trailers…

Only these trailers only got a few seconds in and then crashed. They managed to show them, but they wan at like 5 FPS.

They scrambled around on stage, Randy had some people come out to talk about Gearbox stuff, and announced some CD Keys or something, and they tried again and again to play the videos to no avail.

FINALLY, they got a stable video running, and they closed with that.