So, What Happened to 'Routine,' That Promising Space Horror Game From 2013?


I can think of a couple other examples in music but it’s certainly rarer than in games. Dr. Dre’s Detox (about 14 years before being canceled, though supposedly he’s working on it again) and Chinese Democracy by Guns N’ Roses (about 10 years).

It seems like indie devs have a bad habit of biting off more than they can chew. However as you say they are so earnest that I don’t mind so much following their development hell. I’ve been casually following Routine since it’s first trailer. I’m normally too much of a baby for horror games but I just love the retro-future aesthetic. I also followed Stardew Valley for most of it’s lengthy development time as it underwent massive changes to both gameplay and graphics (the dev was learning pixel art as he went). I’m kind of amazed that it not only turned out so well but went on to become a surprise big hit.


There was a trailer for a game probably 6 years ago or so where someone was riding a subway train and when they got off some sort of creature with really long arms came out from behind one of the columns, or maybe that happened while they were riding the train? I thought that game looked so interesting but I never heard about it again and I can’t remember its name. For all I know it came out and was a big hit!


I think that’s definitely a part of that, but I think it’s also that in the AAA space, we simply never see or hear about projects that get cancelled in the first place, even though a LOT of them do. Most new AAA IPs are basically done before they’re announced to the public.


Monster Tale Ultimate was announced by DreamRift for the 3DS in 2012 but the devs have been totally silent since 2016. The devs are also behind the excellent Henry Hatsworth and Epic Mickey: Castle Of Illusion. Damn shame.