So... What SHOULD The Game Awards Look Like?


I’m not sure that I care, honestly. Geoff is clearly a dude with no scruples so I don’t care about its success at the end of the day.


I agree with what a lot of you are saying, they should just drop the pretense of it being an awards show. Rebrand as “a celebration of the year in gaming and a look at what’s coming” or something. The only reason I watch is to see the premiers. Yeah, it’s basically a glorified ad, but they do a good job of highlighting smaller projects who wouldn’t get as much exposure otherwise.

Honestly it’s kind of surprising that the Oscars haven’t taken a page from Keighly. They’re just as capitalistic, they just have the luxury of being televised, so they can segregate the ads to the commercial breaks and maintain an air of prestige. All the news articles about the difficulties finding a host note that ratings have plummeted in recent years. They need to draw more eyes, and announcing that the new Avengers trailer will be on the show seems like a much more effective way to appeal to a bigger audience than “best popular film” or whatever they were going to try.


I mean … I don’t understand the question, because I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is an actual awards show???

I’ve only seen this twice (this year and last), and only because there were people streaming it who were willing to call out its nonsense (Waypoint last year, Waypoint community this year). Without commentary, it would be absolutely intolerable to watch, because it’s literally just 3 straight hours of the largest publishers in the industry reasserting their dominance through marketing spend. It’s no more an awards show than E3, or Playstation Experience, or a Nintendo Direct. It’s also extremely telling that the only interesting parts every year are when something goes off-script – like when, say, Rockstar walks out because they didn’t get Game of the Year, or when SonicFox and the Celeste team inject actual humanity into the proceedings.

tl;dr: It’s working as intended, and the only good use for it is as a springboard to talking about more worthwhile things.


Did that happen?


This was mentioned on the community stream last night:


I rewatched the stream to be sure, are we positive that wasn’t where Sony Santa Monica was sitting? It kinda seemed that way. Maybe I was looking in the wrong spot.


She was in the audience, so I’ll take her word for it that they left. Can’t really speak to the exact timing, but it wouldn’t make sense for Rockstar to leave before Game of the Year was announced since they were in the running. (Though that would also be hilarious.)


Ah, okay, I only heard about that before, I didn’t know it was apparently a first hand account.

Super fucking weird and disappointing all the same because I still think Rockstar made a good friggin game.