So, When's the Final Mix Dropping? – Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

December 2018 Trailer (feat. Utadu Hikaru & Skrillex)

It’s been a long, long, long time coming.

Kingdom Hearts III promises to be the capstone to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which started in 2002 with Kingdom Hearts (back when Square-Enix was Squaresoft and, er, Enix), followed shortly by Kingdom Hearts II in 2005. The series hasn’t entirely spun its wheels since, with significant plot games like Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance coming out along the way, but, well, fans have been waiting for III for quite some time.

What is Kingdom Hearts? Well, it’s a corporate cross-over game between the properties of Square-Enix and Disney. Initially pitched simply as Final Fantasy-cross-Disney classics, the series has spiralled out into the other properties (such as The World Ends With You and Pixar) that the licensers have control over.

Over time, the series has moved towards a greater focus on its original character stories and the internal mythology of those. If you’re not Mickey Mouse, you’re pretty secondary in importance to Sora, Kairi, or Xehanort.

With the prospect of the end of the series (or, if Tetsuya Nomura’s threats are to be believed, only the end of the Xehanort Saga) in sight in January, I thought it would be worth putting a thread together for it, especially with a new trailer (featuring Skrillex!) dropping today.

One thing I’d say from the jump on spoilers is that I think this topic will be pre-Kingdom Hearts III open-season spoiler territory. I’d recommend checking out the ‘Who’s Diving Back Into Kingdom Hearts III’ topic linked below if you want to discuss earlier installments in the franchise in a non-spoilery environment, but we are going to be out here talking shop about everything.

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That trailer did a good job of actually getting me hyped for it? I think it does a good enough enough job of explaining and simultaneously flattening the main conflicts. Like, I have not kept up at all, but I have enough of a grasp now to get excited. Which is funny because one would think the crossover stuff would be the main draw but I’ve felt so-so about that.

In short, that trailer is cool! Also, the song was pretty decent! In hindsight, it also helps that they just fronted the music audio and didn’t have that weird thing of vocals without SFX.

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Also if you want to be lore literate by January but don’t want to play several hundred hours of games, Everglow is your resource of choice.


Face My Fears is a better song than Don’t Think Twice, by a mile.

Also I’m pinning an early prediction that the pacing of this game will mirror FFXV’s: front-loaded scale in first act, a nothing second act, and a ??? third act.


Who here remembers this fuckin thing

EDIT: Also GAWD look how tiny that Kingdom Key looks in Sora’s hands now!!! You used to be a baby!!!


It’s a really good trailer. Does a very good job of lining everything up. Smart move for a series without a reputation for being… complicated.

I’d bet you’re right 100% on that. KH games really stick to that pattern too, the pacing really really picks up in that last 75%.

KH third acts are usually glorious, chaotic messes where the main theme of the game is relentlessly hammered into your skull (in DDD’s case, while you’re getting a plot dump of the villain’s absurd 4-dimensional chess game).

FFXV’s third act was the bad kind of mess, where entirely new plot elements are suddenly introduced, half the cast is unceremoniously killed off-screen, and the entire tone takes a wild 180 into Anime Sad Boy territory.

I’m hoping KH3 is the former and not the latter, but the latter is what I’m betting on.

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God I hope we miss FFXV territory, just awful

A couple of things to note: lots of cutscenes of the game have been posted online due to leaked copies, and also the latest trailer gives away a little too much.

I’m very curious now though, because it seems like they’re genuinely trying to engage the myriad of complicated plot threads the past couple of games have introduced.

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So I fell down the Kingdom Hearts rabbit hole about six months ago when I got the 1.5+2.5 remix and Final Chapter Prologue releases (I failed to finish 1 when it first came out, and I played through 2 on it’s release). I have either played or watched or listened to podcasts recapping all of the games. I am ready for this game.

I’m not convinced that it will be a good game. I’m not even positive that I will finish it. But I am sure it will be an interesting game. I hope that the game is interesting enough that it’s worth while Natalie, Patrick and Austin doing the podcast they’ve been talking about.


There is a siren song emanting from January 25th and I do not know if I am strong enough to resist Sora’s pull


Overall I’m personally disinterested in the games but its reputation for a convoluted plot and the concept of that being woven into a Square / Disney crossover makes me very excited to hear what series newcomers Patrick and Natalie will have to say about it (and Austin taking the seat as a casual audience analogue will be very good).

I’m also just glad fans are finally getting the next big thing in the series, I hope it’s great for their sake because I know all too well how bad it can feel to finally get an anticipated entry and have it be disappointing.

I am 100% here for the convoluted story. I really can not wait for the Patrick Natalie podcast of trying to figure it out.

I recently replayed Chain of Memories and it reminded me why I liked these games and their very anime storylines. In fact I think KH may have been my gateway into anime???

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Don’t remember if I posted it already, but this AV Club piece on the series is one of my favorite bits of writing from last year.

Kingdom Hearts is Disney at its strangest, darkest—and most moving

In these early installments, traveling through these worlds is less like exploring a Disney movie than it is like exploring a half-remembered dream of it. The broad facts are there, but they’re off, diminished, distorted. As the series went on, and the original universe of Nomura’s creation became an increased focus of the story, that surreality became a feature, not a bug, working its way into the very narrative. The second game begins with an impostor. Doppelgängers are everywhere; memories are manipulable, and sometimes important events and people just fade away. The Disney setting is still prominent, but it’s distorted in the same way as the storytelling itself. Kingdom Hearts isn’t an unironic exploration of nostalgia. Instead, it’s a series of coming-of-age tales, using Disney properties as inspiration and setting.

There’s really no weirder property using Disney iconography than the Kingdom Hearts series, and the thematic juxtaposition becomes more pronounced as Disney claims more dominion over modern pop culture as a whole.


This game is so close to releasing and I am so terrified/excited. I can’t wait to play but one part of my mind is actively screaming “trainwreck.” I have no idea how this is about to go down.

I actually got around to playing the 0.2 prologue game, and it’s instructive of how KH3 will likely play out: not much combat depth even reaching KH2 levels, a whole lot of flashy context-sensitive attacks. That was fine in a quick 2-3 hour trip, I’m not sure how much that can carry a 10 or 20 hour JRPG.

I have pre-ordered it because I have room in my bduget for it and… god. I need to know.

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If it’s anything like the other games, it’ll be that for 90% of the game followed by a giant difficulty spike at the end.