So, When's the Final Mix Dropping? – Kingdom Hearts III


I’m loving this game! I wasn’t even that excited about it. I thought I was totally off the Kingdom Hearts train. But I’m having a blast. It’s like a straight shot of dopamine. Everything looks so good and pretty. The attacks are still feeling fun and the keyblades are different. It feels nice to just go in and mess up all these heartless!
I’m actually really happy with how alive the worlds feel. Listening to the podcast today, Patrick said they felt shockingly empty in a way that’s unreasonable for a modern game. But I actually think it feels really good. I just finished the Tangled world and there’s people walking around town and having little converstions and it just feels like such a good space.


Spoiler question on something I missed.

Why is Kairi tied to Xion? I thought Xion was a replica designed to take Sora’s memories from Roxas. Like I get that Roxas=Sora Axel=Riku and Xion=Kairi as a thematic reflection of the trio, but that doesn’t mean that Kairi is actually connected to Xion right?

It’s been ages since I played 358/2 Days, so maybe I forgot something. Or more accurately definitely forgot something.


It’s been awhile since I played 358/2 Days, but Xion is connected to Kairi because she’s like a living embodiment of Sora’s memories of Kairi at the time he turned into a Heartless in KH1. So she’s a Sora/Kairi fusion, ish.


Oh right! Of course. Also, Kairi was in Sora’s heart for a hot second too, so I bet that is part of it.


One minor complaint: I wish the game was more restrained with the Attractions. The roller-coaster finish for the Rock Titan was such a cool Metal Gear Rising esque moment, I’d have preferred if they were all reserved for boss finishers instead of appearing in almost every regular fight.


I’m on board with you here. Like, I’m having a blast with the combat, it’s flashy and fun and lots of different buttons to press, but the attractions have really long animation times that feel like they break the flow of an otherwise smooooth fight


Wrapped up the Tangled world and I’m extremely reminded of how good Tangled is? Its got a real strong thematic throughline, a solid look and is like, genuinely funny. There are some super hard hitting lines pulled straight from the og script near the end.

Plus the work put in to recrating the animation, integrating Sora and Co, and the short little interactions along the way are all brill. Been a real highlight so far.


Tangled is extremely underrated


Contreversial opinion: I think the gummi ship is fun in this one.
I wish they made the map more helpful. Like marking off things I’ve collected. But I find it pretty fun to control and ply with for half an hour.


Does anyone actually attempt do make a cool looking ship with the gummi customization stuff, or do ya’ll just strap guns and engines to a block and call it a day? I’m typically a sucker for anything that lets me make my own spaceship or mech but editing in a 3d space on a controller is pretty awkward


Some spoiler stuff below, but I’m liking it so far, I love the forms for the key blades the most. I’m so glad I’m not stuck with one style forever

I love that the game basically has Let It Go in its entirety but from Sora Donald and Goofy’s perspective. It reminded me how much I loved that song. Also I like how the Pirates in the Carribean is just Assassins Creed: Black Flag.


It’s pretty awkward.
I really love the Red Nocturne Blue print and want to edit it, but I’m missing pieces and I can’t find any guides and the game is not good at pointing me where I need to go.


I just make some quick improvements to the default blueprints and call it a day.

There are people who do really cool art in it, but I can’t imagine actually sitting down and trying to make something with the terrible interface.


No joke, I spent 3 hours in the ship builder when it unlocked. If the idea of interacting with the PS4 share system didn’t make me groan I’d post a pic of some of my creations, but alas.

And I think the interface is fine, my only real gripes are that there’s a lot of backing in and out of menus and the cursor isn’t transparent enough. Gummi ship stuff has been honestly really enjoyable for me so far, but it get why not everyone’s on board with it.


I can’t believe that as an early part of the final confrontation the game casually throws in a Nier:Automata Ending E sequence.


I can’t believe Captain Jack was Crabs

Edit: God, the cutscene at the end of the Pirates if the Caribbean world has got to be the biggest moment of tonal disparity between the world and the Kingdom Hearts stuff in the whole series. I love it. And wonderfully animated too.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Gummi Ship mode and editor (it kind of derailed my playthrough so much that I’m 30 hours in and only completed 4 worlds). I don’t remember the editor in KH1 or 2 but I’m finding this relatively easy to use. I love the addition of materials to paint the Gummi pieces.

This is my current set-up with my main ship and two butterfly-like mini-ships. The yellow rollers have a lava material effect on them tinted yellow so it looks like electricity pulsing through them. There’s a giant jagged disk below and a small detector ring on top which both spin. The result is the ship that feels like it always has movement to it.


This design owns, I love the cosmetic customization options for the ships in this game.

Yeah, my jaw was on the floor during that whole sequence. I didn’t know that there was a community contest to get your Union X player name into KH3 for that segment in particular, it was wild seeing actual player names in that huge list.

I finished the game a couple hours ago, I’m glad to say that I was dead wrong in my predictions that the last act would be a FFXV-level disaster. I have some problems with the story choices there (they did Kairi REAL dirty in the last battle, just let her be a magic anime ninja too), but it’s both as good a resolution to the loose narrative threads as you could ask for, and also as totally gonzo as you’d expect.

It’s good.


I finished this game about ninety minutes ago. I will go back and do the secret ending soon (since I don’t need to lift that far too get it and I’ll use a guide to get those Lucky Emblems I need), but I need to sit with this for a while.

It’s… hm. I’d say it’s a good conclusion to the end of Kingdom Hearts, but… it’s not the end of Kingdom Hearts and I’m finding that deeply exasperating. The fact that they’re teasing new games in the series, potentially starring Sora, is sooo frustrating when there isn’t really anywhere for that character to go, especially after he had so much spotlight in this one – sometimes at the expense of other character’ arcs.

This is also an accurate wrap-up of the series in the sense that Aqua and Kairi are both treated really bad (and Xion comes across as an afterthought) in the narrative. The fight against Vanitas in the Land of Departure ending with a cutscene defeat for Aqua is super frustrating after she frames it as “let me show you how strong I can be” – and Kairi? Well, see what miscu said above.

I think I liked it, but I think the fact that Birth by Sleep is my favourite Kingdom Hearts games definitely biases what I like about this one. I did cry a little at the scenes with Aqua pretty much consistently, which says something!

e: On the other hand (to balance my negavitiy a little), I do think I’d agree with this:


Just finished, including the secret movie.

I liked the last act, outside of the fact they damseled Kairi AGAIN. It was full of that anime nonsense that I love so much. Just about every character got an ending, even ones I didn’t know I wanted to have an ending for. And the fights were pretty fun on Proud, not TOO hard, but tricky enough to be challenging.

As for the epilogue and secret movies… oh boy.

Braig was Luxu the whole time! The box remains unopened, making Maleficent and Pete’s plot pointless for the whole game. And the mobile game continues to have unresolved question. Though I guess that’s the whole point, gotta keep people playing.

But that secret movie. It’s wild. Is what happened what I think happened? Sora ends up in modern Tokyo like its the ending of Chrono Cross. Riku (Or Replica Riku?) is now maybe in the video game from Verum Rex? And he has two different color eyes. And some other black cloak is trying to turn our moon into Kingdom Hearts? What?