So, which of you got me a Series X for my birthday?

It’s my 26th birthday tomorrow, and you picked up those hints I was dropping, right? I mean, you’re all my close gamer buddies, so it stands to reason that at least one of you would get me a new Xbox. So I can see my best friend Master Chief in 8k.

Well? Who’s got the goods?


Wait, the new Xbox? I got you the one you can play Ninja Gaiden on. Why would you settle for less?


Xbox? Shit, guess I’m gonna have this PS5 in the trash. Really should have kept the receipt…

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Oh no.

I thought you said…

image image image

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Yes! I managed to get a really good deal on it as well. The Xbox One X, no mix ups here. Nope. Why would there be? The naming conventions are very clear and easily understood.


OH, “X” Box.

Well, your Hex box is on it’s way, so I hope you like curses?

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Im not sure why you wanted this but here you go


Well I already have one of those. It’s my dedicated Jade Empire machine.

@Wazanator So I can add it to my collection of exotic weapons

Comrade, I can hardly find me a Series X.

But if you’re in the market for a PS4 Pro, I got you.

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My heart breaks for the grandmas this holiday season

I know I genuinely get bare anxiety when I think about it for too long.

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