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I dunno if I could pick the entire table. I’m going Arsenal, cause I always got that crazy hope for them. I think Everton make it into Europe this season. I kinda feel like Mourinho is gunna struggle managing Man U. Maybe lose his job mid season. I thought about making Newcastle one of my relegation picks. I think the squad is good and Rafa is good. I just think Mike Ashley is gunna meddle in some stupid way to mess everything up.

Top 5: Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton
Relegated: Watford, Burnley, Huddersfield


As an Everton fan I really appreciate the optimism. I think 7th is doable, but I’d be shocked if we got higher now that Rom’s gone. Sandro is super talented, maybe he’ll make up for some of the goals we lose without Rom, but otherwise I just don’t see the scoring. Couldn’t be less excited by Rooney, and Sigurdsson is a) not the answer, and b) not worth what we seem to be offering. There were rummors we’d go after Giroud which would have been perfect, but don’t think that’s happening now.

But! We’ve got lots of exciting young players, which is really my favorite thing about the club, so I’m excited


Alllright, about 20 minutes till the EPL season. I’m ready.



SRSLY don’t pull this shit less than a year into a six year contract with no release clause. When you agree to those things you get offered different wages. On top of which you’re giving LFC no time to find a proper replacement even if Barca were to make a decent offer.


What a crazy game. I thought Kolasinac was really good. I hope Wenger and the team can work out the issues.


I mean, I’m ALWAYS going to take the side of labor in a management vs. labor dispute even when it really hurts (took Dreem’s side, took Suarez’s side). The thing that sucks about this is that his agent probably negotiated that contract without a release clause under the guise of “loyalty to the club,” otherwise you know fsg would’ve put a 150M pound release clause in there. So to turn around and hand in a transfer request, while faking an injury, after saying all the right things for the past year, on the night before the season opener, is just the absolute worst.

I think we’re going to keep him, we’re going to renegotiate a contract with a wage bump and a release clause, and he’s going to play for us because it’s a WC year and he needs to play.


Kolasinac looks really good. A throw back to the Invincibles, both in style and quality


I loved how much of a hard time he gave Mahrez. I can’t believe Arsenal got him on a free transfer.


Man Real Madrid looks real strong. Ronaldo suspended, Bale on the bench, Isco out (injured? dunno), and still bossed Barca. That Asensio kid is the real deal I guess.


Barring a catastrophe I have a hard time imagining who is going to be able to beat them for any trophy. Like, they’re not just a good bunch of players but they have been playing together for a while and have had (more or less) a lot of stability. All the other teams that might be contenders have lost major players or have not had the history as this RM squad.

Not saying they’re unbeatable, but if there was ever going to be a team to just trounce everyone without even trying this would be it.


Yooo Wayne Rooney back in scoring form?!?!?!?!




Daaang, Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Really loving Arsenals blue gradient jerseys


It’s the only thing that looks good about Arsenal right now.


Last time we see Alexis in an Arsenal kit? Emre, Firmino and Joe Gomez have been exceptional today. Mane and Salah as well.

Ignoring the frustrating transfer window, it’s going to be an exciting season for us Liverpool fans. Sign up a CB and get Phil reintegrated in the squad and I’m a happy man :’)


Unless something changes, probably. I’m wondering what all those teams rumored to sign Ox are thinking about now.


I’d still take Ox-Chambo at LFC in a heartbeat. Fits the Klopp style of play–direct, pacey and hardworking. He’s versatile, and so could get matches on either wing or as one of the two advanced central midfielders in our 4-3-3. The squad’s still too thin to compete with the added fixtures of a CL campaign. With just Lallana and Phil out, our bench doesn’t look as impressive as it ought to be.


Almost feel sorry for Arsenal. Holy crap, Ramsey is either being given the wrong instructions or he is shit at following the ones he’s been given.