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Not coming until next year, but boy this is a great signing for Liverpool (and super cheap, relatively speaking).


Lets goooooooooooooooooo


Seriously, getting him for less than 50m is an absolute steal.


I think LFC paid prob in the range of 55 to get it done this year for next year


Sure, but considering the potential he has, the way he’d fit into Klopp’s style, and the money transfers are going for these days, absolute bargain.


Oh I 100 percent agree. I’m extremely excited about this.


Ox going to Chelsea looks like a done deal. Curious if Conte continues to play him at RWB or lets him try playing in the middle. Manchester City offering Sterling and cash for Alexis is interesting. I think I’m actually for it. I like it especially if the rumors of Arsenal trying to activate Asensio’s release clause are true. But who knows if that’ll actually happen. Mainly because Arsenal are increasingly turning toxic landing spot for players. Lemar going to Liverpool would really solidify my concerns.

I’m pretty excited to see this transfer window scramble.


If you can flip Sanchez for Sterling + Asensio you should do it in a heartbeat.

That said, at this point though I can’t imagine Madrid letting go of Asensio, a lot of La Liga writers are starting to say he should be a starter over one of Bale or Benzema.


Yeah, it’s hard to see Asensio agreeing to terms with any English team. He’s gunna be a starter for Real Madrid. It would be a straight up robbery if Arsenal pull this off.


Arsenal play like a team that’s given up on their manager. Not saying it’s what happened but boy that can’t be a tempting destination for a top player now.


Liverpool got Ox.

I think Ox will thrive under Klopp. And Melissa Reddy says they’re still in for Lemar? What even is life?


hmmm ox is fine as a squad player but 35 million for someone who imo doesn’t crack our first 11 seems steep, but what the hell, it isn’t my money.

edit: also looks like Origi might be set for a Wolfsburg loan, so apparently not part of some kind of swap for Lemar which had earlier been floated as a possibility.


agreed that in a vacuum 35m for someone who doesnt crack the 11 is absurd

except we were about to pay the same for Thomas Lemar that Real Madrid paid for Cristiano Ronaldo, so… the market is WACKY




He wants to see minutes next summer it’ll stay healed up, just a strain of the old relationship muscle after all.


Always hard to know what the truth of Any of this stuff really is. Was Coutinho pushed to handing in the transfer request by his agent and/or Barca? Was he genuinely injured? Is he going to act professionally and give his all for LFC? Who knows. But I’m always hesitant to pretend to understand any player’s personal motivations when all we really do as fans is watch him play footy once or twice a week.

At the moment, I’m not particularly annoyed with Coutinho. It’s the nature of the business. We were glad to see Naby and VvD do the same shit. LFC’s position was always that he wasn’t going to be sold. If he rejoins the squad I’ll hold no grudge.


Pretty stoked on Arsenal’s win. Rooney just loves scoring against us. But I’m kinda bummed at how poor Everton’s season has been so far. I had pretty high expectations for them.


Oh man, I’m a fan of a ton of teams all over the world, but I would call my self a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic FC, and the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

I played as a kid but as most kids in the states fell out of it around middle school and didn’t start watching again until 2014 when I started catching EPL games on TV, that’s when I fell in love with Tottenham I was lucky that an older coworker of mine at the time was a lifelong Tottenham fan from back in the late 50s and would regale me with stories of Tottenham sides of the past.

I fell in love with Celtic because I used to school my friends in Fifa with them and as I learned more about the culture and politics of that club and it’s supporters I began to truly appreciate them as a club.


I never could catch any SPL games. I tried to catch Celtic when they played their Champions League games several seasons ago. My favorite player on their team at the time was Shunsuke Nakamura.

I love this goal so much:


Exciting times to be a Spurs fan. Watching their dismantling of Liverpool at the weekend has made me very nervous as a MUFC supporter. There is some scary firepower in that Tottenham side.