Soccer/Football/Futbol Fans (We're doing EPL Fantasy! Post #464 for Info)


I’m an Arsenal fan as well.

Also started following MLS more with Atlanta United debuting this year. We’re going to their first playoff game Thursday for our first MLS game, first game in the new stadium and my fiance’s first live soccer match period. Really lookign forward to it!

On a less positve note, real bummer that the US missed the World Cup. I’ll still watch, have a blast rooting for teams with Arsenal players etc., but won’t be the same with the USMNT out of it.


Ah yeah, I was devastated when the USMNT failed to qualify. It’s clear the USSF need to make some serious changes. On the positive note, the USWNT are the best in the world. They deserve so much more. I watched them on TV recently and they played on turf. Garbage.


I’m definitely very excited for this season but trying to not go overboard, the Madrid performance and the Liverpool performance are making it veryh difficult though. Let’s see how we do against the spammers in the cup, I’d like to see us really go for some silverware this year either the league or FA cup.


It’s all about Jan Venegoor of Hesselink when it comes to that era of Celtic just for his name alone!


IIRC correctly, Leicester were behind Southampton in the table when they picked up Puel and they’re now even. If I’m a Saints fan, I got some questions about that…


Hey yo, Southampton and Juventus fan. I grew up supporting Juventus because my cousin got me a random del piero jersey when I was maybe 4. When I got into high school, everyone was all about that EPL junk, so I had to quickly pick a team, so I spent like a month researching, and all the football folk online were like, hey the Saints do football the right way. Well, now I’m stuck with this beautifully run goal barren, ‘get your players and managers here’ football team


On that note, saw this in a recap of the latest game:

“Going into this one, the Saints had managed to squeeze in three goals at Anfield since 2004 and all three scorers, Sadio Mane, Dejan Lovren and Nathaniel Clyne, now play for the home side.”



I use to get upset at the moniker Liverpool B, now nothing feels more accurate. It’s like if everyone that broke up with you all got together in a huge polyamorous relationship and kept on group texting you how happy they all were. Every other week or so.


Totally understandable. I’m the rare LFC Fan who doesn’t want them to spend 60 million on VVD (get two CBs instead w the same money).


Whatever happened to Sakho, he always seemed like your best CB and then I wake up one day and he’s at Crystal Palace.


He and Klopp reeeeaally didn’t get along


Man City fan since towards the end of the 94/95 season. My first full season supporting them we got relegated. :smiley:

I still watch them on telly (don’t go to games anymore as a) it’s too expensive and b) I don’t like crowds) so I’m just an armchair fan these days, which I’m happy with.


It was a good weekend for Arsenal fans. Sanchez and Ozil look really up for it. The only bummer was the early kick off time. Kept nodding off during the game.


Welp LFC closed a 75 million gbp deal for Van Dijk. That’s a record amount of money for a defender, but I guess we’ll find out if his getting benched at Southampton was due to him phoning it in an attempt to instigate a transfer or whether he was actually just playing poorly.


What an insane deal. Liverpool should just hire Southampton’s scouting director.


I mean we say that, but there is something to the idea of those players developing better when given premier league minutes despite not necessarily being at a level where they would crack Liverpool’s starting eleven. If they’d scouted those players themselves Liverpool could send them out on loan, I guess, but maybe you risk them only finding lesser league takers.


I’m def thinking of a Chelsea transfer policy. The main difference is actually keep the players that breakthrough on loan.

Or just play them. Maybe luck out and you’ve got a Leichester City type perfect storm.


Chelsea’s transfer policy led to them giving up on Mo Salah, to be fair, and their best player (Kante) was not a product of that model. Southampton’s business model requires them to hit on one out of every handful of transfer buys, sell that player at a massive gain. Just as many go nowhere (Dusan Tadic was once called serbian messi). VVD will finance their next 5-6 transfer buys at least. Maybe closer to 10. LFC, at this point, is thankfully not in the same position to take fliers on a half dozen players. We need a superstar goalie this summer, but everything else is depth and icing on the cake.

I think VVD was left out because they didnt want him to get injured before setting a world record fee for a defender. I’m hopeful he stays healthy, but this is a massive statement of intent from LFC.



So for the LFC fans here, who do we like as a replacement for Coutinho? Lemar? Mahrez? Someone else?

On the one hand, Mahrez is proven in the EPL, on the other hand he’s older and Monaco have shipped out a lot of players so Lemar’s numbers this season (granting that Ligue 1 is a weaker league) may be underselling what he can do with better people around him.

edit: also, guess he wasn’t faking it