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As an Arsenal fan. Plz keep hands off Lamar.


I think you are incredibly strong going forward already. I would invest in maybe another centre half and a right back. Robertson should be good to go as your first choice left back (I’m Scottish and biased okay)!


Yeah, I was thinking that. Maybe a defensive midfielder as well.

Also, this is a dope training jacket.


Yeah on reflection, I’m thinking we need a proper defensive midfielder more than any other position. Henderson and Can (who it looks like we’re going to lose) are decent enough central midfielders on their day, but neither really does that job despite being sometimes nominally given that assignment.


I mean, I’m not saying he’s going to come to us, necessarily, but it’s a tough ask to see him going to you guys if Monaco sees our currently inflated coffers and thinks we want him. I can’t see Arsene biting if the asking price is correspondingly inflated.


I would be relatively happy with Lemar but I don’t think he’s worth the 100mm price. Mahrez is having a good season after playing ALL The minutes last year, but I don’t think he fits. Plays the same position as our best player (Salah) and… what’s he really bringing to the table anywhere else?

I don’t think we need to replace Coutinho as such. Ox & Lallana can do a job there, and we can find a better fit for the system. Nabil Fekir would be my ideal get.


I’m more concerned with replacing/upgrading Can (Juventus/no discernable ++ skills) and Hendo (permanently busted foot). My ideal midfield signings would be: Nabil Fekir and Goretzka. In terms of the press those two are perfect fits. A rotating midfield six of: Ox, Naby, Fekir, Lallana, Goretzka, and Gino would be the most miserable midfield to play against in Europe.

We don’t need a right back. We still have Nathaniel Clyne and The Future Captain AKA Trent Alexander Arnold. Regarding CBs… Lovren might surprise a lot of people next to VVD, cuz VVD is gonna reign him in and tell him where to go.

The most important thing we could do this window is bring on Alisson. Either this window or a contract that’s effective in july. Let’s get a World Class goalie in there behind our shiny new world class defender.


I’m not sold on Gino, but I like the way you think.


Gini’s home and away split are wild, way too inconsistent on the road, but he’s great at: winning the ball back, retaining possession, providing an easy outlet for other people in the midfield / attack, recycling possession in that same way. It’s the least flashy thing on the planet but valuable.


Sounds like Rakitic is unsettled after the Coutinho transfer. If he isn’t an expensive signing, I’m not against Arsenal going for him. But I’d much rather Arsene try to get a good defensive midfielder.

Also, Arsenal fucked this up so badly. Wow, we gambled on keeping Alexis and it’s biting us in the butt.


While suitably pumped about the Liverpool victory, I would just like to point out to anyone not paying attention that we also have the cutest manager

I thought in America it’s ok


…and carvalho…and draxler…and wait, no lacazette’s there now. :slight_smile:


I think swapping Sanchez for Mkhitaryan + Cash would be huge for Arsenal. I just don’t think Wenger should be pursuing Auba as well. I’d really like to see Mkhitaryan link up with Lacazette.

Really interested in the Malcom move. Hopefully Arsenal get him this winter. And then try for Lemar again in the summer. Our front three could be really interesting with Lemar, Laca, and Malcom up front.

P.S. This is exactly what I did in my FIFA career mode when the game came out. If this happens, I’m a genius.


So, Liverpool fans, are we content with this window? Personally I do admire Klopp’s insistence that we can focus on what we have rather than on what we don’t, and get better through training and development rather than money, but even for me the fact that almost every one of our rivals improved and we have not is alarming.

I love the squad that we have now, but that doesn’t mean that we will be able to keep the pace throughout the rest of the season… With Arsenal making some decent deals top 4 will be much tougher now.


Klopp has been on record saying that the Coutinho money is there for the spending so for me I don’t think it’s so much about “get better through training and improvement rather than money” so much as I wouldn’t want them to get fleeced picking someone second-choice up at an inflated January window price. It’s a gamble, but I’d be willing to suck up a year of Europa league if it ultimately means a stronger team.

But the problem there, of course, is who do they lose out on being able to sign if they can’t offer CL participation as a carrot.


Yea I guess I meant more the idea that just because we are a bit short and lose one of our best players, rather than throwing money at the situation (i.e. like we used to do all the time before Klopp) we wait until the market is better and trust in the squad.

The problem is that short term failure, with Liverpool at least, often leads to more failure in the long term. We’ve been “rebuilding” constantly ever since Rafa left and it’s becoming a bit of a re-occuring feature. Obviously though, Klopp is way more impressive than anyone we’ve had since then so I’m good.

Also I just looked at the table and boy it does look good right now.


is ings your second string striker?


In like for like terms it’s probably Solanke, though I could see Salah being played in the middle and Ox playing on the wing if Firmino gets hurt/needs a rest.

edit: I mean it could be Ings, but I haven’t really seen him so I don’t know how much of that is down to fitness or what. Solanke at least has come on as a sub.


I’d guess that Igns is pretty far down the depth chart, considering Liverpool’s attack is based off a fluid front three and he really doesn’t fit into that. A player left over and forgotten from the old Rodgers era.


I think Ings will pop up here and there but yea Solanke would probably be the “second string”. Seeing Salah given the Firmino role would be interesting though, I wonder if he could adjust to that.


I don’t know that he would have the same role necessarily (since Firmino tracks back so often to link play or break up an attacking move from the other team) just that there have been parts of games where Salah’s functioned as more of an out an out striker operating in central areas instead of cutting in from the wing. But yeah I think you’d want a midfielder (Lallana if healthy presumably) to pick up the slack if you were going to try something like that.