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Noooo I need them to be good so we can buy all their best players :wink:


Bring on this champions league draw. I hope its:
Liverpool - Roma
City - Barca
Bayern - Munich
Juve - Sevilla

Knowing our luck we’ll draw City

Edit: Vince Macmahon clearly controls UEFA


Ah come on! City was the worst choice, not just because we will most probably lose but cause its the most boring match out of all of the possibilities. Ugh.


Knew it would be City, let’s fuckin have it tho. Both have a derby inbetween fixtures as well.

Mo is a deity. :dancer: :pray:


mo is a serious wpoy contender at this point isnt he?


He is deffo my personal pick.
He should be Prem POTY but I think De Bruyne will edge it




Love all that. Pogba has been half jarg all season


I think how Liverpool and Manchester City do in the Champions League will determine who gets picked for World Player of the Year. It’s kind of a bummer they have to play in this coming CL round.


I feel If Liverpool manage to beat City, then that will be the hardest test in the Champos


Uggggggghhhh, I have conflicted feelings about Ibra’s move to the Galaxy. First I’m pretty excited cause he’s a huge name and I believe he can contribute a lot of goals. But I really wish we followed suit with the rest of the league and started going with younger prospects.


MLS is interesting at the minute because there is insane young talent but big names are needed to get views. Be exciting to see how big it gets in the next 10 years


I totally thought this was a joke the first time i saw it, but apparently it’s real?!?

it’s one level of ego/self-esteem to take out a full page ad for yourself but “you’re welcome” is so NEXT LEVEL I CANT EVEN


Don’s grumpy old man hat

Zlatan coming to MLS is very bad for the league.

He will score 30 goals in a season, making a mockery of the league (somewhat deservedly, it’s not a great level, but improving)

He and his ego will rip the centralized MLS media to shreds (again, not undeserved because the league’s centralized media is bad for the league)

In short, he’s going to emphasize all the remaining flaws of MLS, which to some extent is good, but I honestly worry he could do actual damage to the perception of the league. I’m far from an MLS Stan, but I want it to do better, and this will not do that.

Takes off grumpy old man hat

Woooooooooowwww what was that


Zlatan is just a bit of a gobshite, regardless of league. Of course he is talented but egos like that make a mockery wherever they are. Just look at Pogba.
MLS is so interesting to me though, do people generally support the team that is from their local area or is it mostly glory hunting?


Completely agree. Difference is that ManU et al have the History and Identity built up to withstand that cult of the individual. MLS isn’t there yet.

People generally support their local team. When the league began and there were fewer teams there was naturally more glory hunting, but now it’s more about your local team (or semi-local, because the US is way too big).

Then you’ve got lower-league teams, some of which have good levels of hyper-local support, others not so much, and you’ve got people that are very deliberately anti-MLS because of the league’s centralized structure.


You’re right, Utd will be fine without Zlatan they’re established. But I think LA Galaxy can withstand it also, if it was a smaller team then no chance.

You a Galaxy fan yourself


Nope, not at all. Just disappointed, like the few Galaxy fans I know, with a lot of their recent team building and front office decisions. The Zlatan move being the culmination.


Yooooooooooooo, I take back everything bad I said about this move. I love you Zlatan.


OK I am incredibly happy right now but it would be SO much like us to screw it up in the second leg. Still, we just need to score one goal to make them have to score 5 so… I guess we should be good.