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What a night that was! I have no voice left. Crazy that we go 3-0 up and dont feel safe. Fantastic night for Ox and Trent


As a neutral, I think the 2nd leg is gunna be a shootout.




Last night we showed how to beat City, you have to attack. To many teams this season shit themselves and didnt go forward hoping to just defend and stop them conceding. That never works against a team with Citys talent. Their defence, just like ours is a massive weakness. They absolutely capitulated.

All Liverpool have to do is keep the pressure up, carry on attacking and City dont get a look in. TAA had Sane in his pocket and had the game of his life. The problem comes when we concede, we crumble just like City


I def agree with this. Especially earlier in the season when their defense looked much shakier when Kompany was injured.


Yeeeeaaah, Arsenal looks pretttay good against CSKA Moscow.

Also reading that Tuchel is likely going to sign with PSG is kinda meh. I was hoping he’d go for Arsenal, cause I’ve been wanting a more tactically minded manager. But maybe it’s for the best. He and Mislintat didn’t get along, it’s probably better to not risk it. PSG could probably destroy Ligue 1 with anyone as the manager, so it’s probably CL or bust with him.


He’d have been the best fit for Arsenal based on being able to get the best out of Auba and Mkhitaryan if nothing else, but reckoned there was no way it was going to happen based on the history with Mislintat.


Crazy games today. Only caught the Liverpool vs. Man City game. The goal Liverpool conceded was pretty awful. But they did a great job coming back. Gunna have to catch the highlights from Roma vs. Barca.


That goal could’ve been a foul on Sterling but then again Sane’s goal that wasn’t… should have been.

Let’s go Reds! Today I learned that Liverpool has the most Clean sheets in the league since we got VVD, which is cool


And we’re the only team that is still unbeaten in CL!

Couldn’t watch the game but was following it on text and twitter and boy was I nervous, looks like we got lucky with a few calls but were also able to hold our own in the first half, and then took the game to them in the second. Really incredible, I am starting to re-live 2005 memories and it’s not healthy haha

I want Roma in the semi-finals, just cause that seems like it would be a more interesting game, I think at this point they are all equally dangerous.


My feeling was either Man City come back hard after an embarrassing loss, or the meltdown continues.

Even though they’ll win the league, this all gives me hope for the next season. Now teams know that they gotta go hard against City. Like they’re gunna lose defending, might as well have a shootout.


What a night, I thought we were about to crumble and then Salah pulled that out of the bag. Whole game changed after that. I said from day 1 that City would be our hardest challeng, this could be our time.

Fantastc that Sterling and Coutinhio got knocked out the same night. Peps a fraud!


This is a fucking wild Champions League season.


I have no idea what the actual rules are but I’ve read commentary that says Coutinho is cup tied to LFC so he gets a winner’s medal if we go all the way. I have no lasting animosity toward him for leaving, I just thought it was a bad idea for all concerned to not wait until the end of the season. Us playing better without him doesn’t hurt.

Sterling The snake is another matter entirely because he went to a team in the same league.


Raheem Sterling took an offer to multiply his wages by six, from 35000 p/w to over 200,000 p/w, which is double what we were offering him (~100). I can’t hold any anger towards him for that, it’s a choice we would ALL make in his position if the same offer came along in our industries, and personally hate all the Raheem the Snake stuff. Aidy Ward a snake. Raheem just did what was right for him. I’m sick of the vitriol Liverpool FC fans have toward him, especially now because we pwned his team 3 times this season and at this point have bigger fish to fry.

Coutinho, on the other hand, forced a midseason move off of the most promising Liverpool team in 30 years, off the current in form team in Europe, to be fourth fiddle on a team that crashed out of the Champions League to make… not that much more money 200 -> 240k p/w, because of some vague, empty threats made by an embattled Club President (if you don’t sign now we’ll never come back for you), and this is after straining his relationship muscle so he could sit out CL tie over the summer to try and force a move then.

I was HOPING we would get Barca in the semis (but they blew it) so we could get cutaways to Coutinho’s sad face while his former teammates stomped his new teammates. Now all I can think about is Coutinho wondering what to do with a Champions League medal from a team he abandoned in the middle of the season.


Honestly, I dunno what the make of Pep anymore. He has these crazy flashes of brilliance. Then it fizzles out and he fails to deliver a CL trophy for Bayern and City. One of the commentators on the Guardian Football Weekly podcast said that he never really outperforms the money. And I think that describes him really well.

Then there’s Ibras accusations he’s made about his character. Does he just show up the a place and shit on key strikers?


Oh my god I have so many hot takes about why Pep isn’t getting it done but everything I tried to bullet point out regarding personnel and tactics etc comes down to:

its a lot easier when you got the best club team of all time isn’t it


Oh, I knew he was cup tied but I didnt realise he would get a medal if we won. An im with you, I have no lasting animosity, everyone said he’d go to barca as soon as he showed promise.

@M_o Sorry but Sterling is a snake in my eyes, but thats the state of the game these days, it’s all about the individual player and their brand, theres very little loyalty. But I do agree with your sentiment on Coutinho, I was dying to get them in the semis and absolutely batter them.

@aggrocrag I mean i’ll give him some credit, he has an eye for attacking, theres a video of him telling Sterling exactly what he needs to do then it cuts forward to a match and Sterling does exactly as he says and it pays off. But what @M_o said is genuinely right, Its easy to be an amazing manager when you have one of the best teams ever and basically infinite money.


To be clear, I don’t begrudge Sterling the right to do what’s best for himself, I just reserve the right to whine about it.


That’s fair, I forgot that he managed Barca B for a while. Improving players has gotta be a strong suit for him.