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I still agree though, its easy to be the greatest when you have one of the best teams in the world.


Bayern vs Real & Liverpool vs Roma in the semis. I fancy our chances.

Salah will destroy them. I hate doing all the ‘signs’ stuff as well but the last time the semis were made of an english, german, spanish and italian, Liverpool won in 1981. Also everytime we’ve won in Portugal we have gone on to win it.


Oh shiiiiiet, Arsenal drew Atletico Madrid. This is gunna be a rough series.


I’ve never really held a grudge against Sterling. He’s a young kid, sure we gave him the opportunity to shine in the Premier League but let’s be honest he would have stood out in any team. He got a LOT more money and didn’t even go United or something, he went to City which is hoovering up all the talent.

Even Coutinho, whatever, its Barcelona, of course he wants to go there.

At this point after seeing so many players come and go, I kinda learned to enjoy them while they’re here and once they leave, whatever, I’m good.

EDIT: The point is that Premier League and European football in general is a gargantuan money-making enterprise, “loyalty” doesn’t really figure much anymore, and that’s fine. We as supporters are loyal to our clubs. Players are entitled to get as much as they can out of their short careers.


For sure! Coutinho was always gonna go just the way he went about it bugged me. Even when I’m doing it thru grit teeth im gonna support labor over management.


I try to avoid feeling too bitter about players leaving. Even when van Persie left, I still felt grateful for the seasons he helped carry the team with goals.

Also Wenger has a decent track record letting players go at the right time. van Persie only had one good season for United. Not sure Henry, Hleb, Song, and Flamini had hugely successful seasons at Barca or Milan.


Henry had def lost a step but did work on those Barca teams. If memory serves, though, he was getting a bit brittle (I can’t remember if he had one big injury or a few small ones that added up) and was not the clear WPOY he was previously.


Griezmann and Costa running as Mustafi is going to give me a heart attack. Praying that our lord and savior Wele can pull some more of these goals out of his pocket.



I’m looking forward to Liverpool v Roma on the 24th.


Well, I guess well done City. I am just waiting for Mourinho to implode and get fired after this.


Oh my god, Arsenal are so fucked.


Mo Salah breaking all the records, he has etched his name into Liverpool history before his first season has started. Words fail me how good he has been. He has to be POTY


Dang, this is pretty cold blooded. He just needs a game to get a winners medal.


Big respect to Jose for refusing to allow City to win the title on their own terms. Fair play to the master of the mind games.


Damn, this year’s season is really cool, and everywhere … well, almost everywhere


This is so good. Atlanta is the best feel good soccer story. I love that the fields are free for kids to use.


Yeah, I’m consistently blown away by Atlanta soccer. Some early things from ATL UTD turned me off a bit, but I think most things I was worried about for that team have passed now.

This from Copa90 is worth a couple minutes of your time


Wenger is going! Who do Arsenal fans want to replace him? Tuchel I guess?

Personally I think it’s a few years too late but better late than never.


Patrick Vieira would be really cool but I don’t think he’s ready yet. Agree that Tuchel is an obvious hire.