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I would have thought Tuchel’s history with Mislintat makes that extra unlikely? (also think I read rumours linking Tuchel to PSG)


Ah very good point.


I’m feeling pretty emotional about this.


Tuchel to PSG today.

Wenger finally leaving the club is such a conflicting feeling. On one hand, it’s time.

On the other, he’s a generation defining figure, easily one of the most successful managers of the Premier League. The Arsenal-United dogfights between Wenger and Fergie have already become the stuff of legend. He went an entire season without losing a match. I’m so grateful for the leadership through an extraordinarily difficult time.

As one parting thought, with the Spurs crashing out of the FA Cup, Wenger won four more trophies than the last 18 Spurs managers combined.




I would be so excited for that


Cant wait to welcome the bus tonight, Roma is a big challenge, they won’t play into our hands like City did. Should be exciting for the neutrals


I’m really excited for this game. I guess I prefer Liverpool to take this series, cause my brother is a fan. I also like watching Mo Salah in action. Don’t really get excited for most of the Liverpool roster.


Mane pleeeeeeease!!!

Edit: Salah is so sick. x2


Salah oh my GOD


This is far to much. Gutted for Ox. Sad for Mane. Pray for Salah.
Here my vid from the welcome party


I love that Liverpool are willing to play more long balls when the option of shorter passes just aren’t available.

Edit: 5-0, Roma are so fucked.


We are leading in the CL semi final by five goals to nothing. Five goals. FIVE GOALS


I didn’t know England legalized the murder of Italians.


This is football. Supporting Liverpool hasn’t felt this exciting for years


This can only get worse if Danny Ings scores.


Oh Dzeko scored an away goal. RIP Liverpool. Calling it now, 4-0 at Roma.


Goddamn it Liverpool why you gotta do this to me


LOL, what the fuck. This is so dumb.


Over. Oh my heart be still. Klopp keeps taking off Salah early and we keep paying for it, I know he needs breaks but it’s the semi-final and he knows we’re prone to collapsing late.