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Never a penalty. Refs getting involved to make games interesting is ridiculous. I’ll take a 3 goal lead. Confident we can score next leg.


Yea we should be able to score despite their record. This is still an absolutely incredible performance. Just sucks we can’t keep it together for 90 minutes but I guess that’s the price to pay for being absolutely sublime for 20-30 minutes spells.


Should have took Mane off not Salah, then scoring the first was absolutely fine, but I’m so angry at the pen.


Salah gave one of the greatest individual performances I’ve ever seen in a Champions League match tonight. Unbelievable.



Great stadium! Great weather!


Just reading this overview of the Italian press on the Liverpool game and I am reminded yet again just how hopeless the English football journalism scene is. Apart from Sid Lowe, who is interesting but hardly a luminary, I just cannot think of any ACTUALLY good writers out there. Does anyone maybe have recommendations, specifically on the PL front? I am honestly tired of reading the same cliché-ridden garbage that passes for editorials in the UK.


I like Amy Lawrence a lot. But she mainly does Arsenal pieces for the Guardian.


Thanks, I should keep an eye out for her stuff, haven’t read much from her this season.


Rory Smith at NY Times has had some of my favorite soccer journalism this year. Not PL specific, but great.

His latest on Zidane the coach.

Tariq Panja is also at NYT and does great investigative journalism in and around soccer.


Cool! I didn’t even think of checking NYT, thanks!


Devastating analysis of the FA and the Women’s team in the UK. While I am aware of Aluko’s case and Sampson’s racism, my knowledge of the women’s game isn’t deep enough, but I can definitely say that racism is engrained in the men’s game as well.

As a Liverpool supporter, I cannot count the amount of times I heard people criticising Sturridge for being lazy or for wanting the spotlight or for being petulant, and you bet that this criticism was informed by his blackness. If you have ever read/seen any of his interviews or sought out how others in the game talked about him, essentially ever since he left Man City he was a model professional and did not deserve that type of treatment, whether by supporters or the media.

Even the criticism of Sterling I feel is informed by this. The level of vitriol coming at him was almost like people were just waiting to be able to criticise and denigrate him, a fucking kid, for moving to another club, as if he was born and bred on Bootle and betrayed his home town (he grew up in London ffs). When Ibe, Sterling and even Ojo were coming up, they were both constantly compared to Barnes even though none of them are really anything like him. Wonder why.

Remember Terry and Ferdinand? That sure was looked over and no one brings that up anymore. What Suarez did to Evra was wrong and bad and racist, and Dalglish messed up - but the reaction from the media and supporters around England was informed by their own xenophobia, giving them carte blanche to crap on Suarez, I guess because he dives, even though he was being kicked to all hell every game.

Remember when Sakho was tested positive for drugs and people came out of the woodwork to swiftly condemn him as a cheat without even waiting for the actual investigation to stop? You bet your bottom dollar if he was white/English both the media and the supporters wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Turns out that drug wasn’t even prohibited and was in his meds. Didn’t see anyone apologise after (and definitely not Barney Ronay).

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but it’s been building up for a while and I wanted to air it out.

EDIT: was just reading some stuff and there’s this: Viera, just how good is he? Something that’s never been asked of Giggs, or Gerrard now, or the Nevilles (Phil is the Women’s England manager for god’s sakes!) or any other number of mediocre English managers or recently retired players. smh.


Eh that last bit (the edit) is stretching a bit. There’s been coverage that’s said Gerrard isn’t ready for the Rangers position, that he needs a stint with u23’s or as assistant for the senior squad.


Yea I was on a bit of a roll after writing that whole thing haha


So! What are we thinking about for the final? What are the chances on both sides?

It amazes me personally how short the memory of football writers is. So many previews for the final I’ve seen so far concentrate on the last Liverpool game “TAA and Karius are bad, defence is a definite weakness, but they got a bit of fire up front” and the last Madrid game “Even when they’re terrible they still win” and the really incisive gem “they’ve got some really great players that could provide the difference even when they play bad as a team”.

While all those things may be true, has no one really thought of the home game against Man City where TAA was basically man of the match, and how good he was in the away game? Or the fact that we have not lost any away game in the CL up until the Roma game? I am not saying that we have no problems at the back, but that we are definitely capable of superior performances even on that front.

I am not too familiar with the Real situation but they are obviously a formidable and experienced opponent. What are y’all’s thoughts on them?

Personally, I think everything will be down to mentality. I am a big believer in the idea that a lot of what happens on the field has to do with the mental state of the players - concentration, yes, but also how they deal with pressure, occasion, opponent etc. At the top level, the difference between players, physically, is so slight that I really feel games are won and lost on the mental side of things.

With that said, for me, it is down to Klopp - whether he will be able to motivate the players without being overbearing, being able to provide individual approaches to different players - clearly Salah could not care less about occasions, TAA on the other hand could probably use some shepherding.


I’m just looking for a 7-6 final as a mostly neutral (I do like seeing RM lose).

I think it’ll be a very interesting game. Especially when Ramos gets sent off for trying to kill Salah.


I’m 50-50 on this. I like so much about Liverpool, except their defense. Also their drama with their assistant manager is a weird distraction. I feel like Madrid are lucky to be in the final. But they have a lot of individual talent and drive that they could mess Liverpool up pretty easily.


Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this game isn’t going well.

Edit: Mkhitaryan in for Wilshere. I feel really good about this sub.

Edit2: This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks


That went about as well as I expected.


Me right now.