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Damn, Arsenal losing in Madrid still feels bad. Even though my expectations have dropped for this team, I mustered up a lot of hope and optimism for this game.

Aside from this, this is a fascinating move. It’s a huge opportunity, because it’s a real management job. But this team isn’t gunna hang with Celtic.


I don’t think, if they’re at all realistic, they would expect to be ahead of Celtic, but even so it’s a huge risk for Rangers. Stevie has zero experience at this level; it’s hard to picture that panning out well.


White male gets a job he’s not qualified for. Shocking.

I agree I don’t think this goes well for either party. I’m not sure even a good manager could take Rangers above Celtic. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love for Gerrard to be a good manager, but ex-English pros need to stop trying to and stop being allowed to skip right to first team management. It’s bad for the coaches, and bad for the teams.


My assumption is that Zeljko left the team for a small break before he’s confirmed as Arsenal Manager. The timing just sucks.

Stevie G def isn’t qualified in the conventional sense but he was a team captain for what? 12 years? He’s spent the last 2 years working with/learning from Jurgen Klopp (aka one of the 2-3 best managers in the world). He’s got his badges. If he had taken the job at MK Dons in 2016 then yeah, he def wasn’t qualified for that but at this point? Who knows. Seems a bit unfair to say that managing a U18 Team for two seasons is skipping straight to first team management.

Players becoming managers is a) not just an english phenomenon and b) does work out sometimes. And there’s a lot of ‘more qualified’ managers that crash and burn. While I am no way implying that Stevie G is or will ever be on the following two people’s levels: Stevie G currently has more non-first team managerial experience than Klopp did when he took over at Mainz, and roughly the same amount that Pep Guardiola did when he moved from Barca B to Barca A.

So, shrugs.


Yeah, that’s all fair. Suppose the flops stick out more than the rest.


To be clear I hope Stevie is successful. It can only bode well for his seemingly inevitable eventual turn at Liverpool.


You mean in 2027 when Klopp retires? I’m about it.


I’m legit really curious to see how he does. He won’t get the budget to outspend Celtic. But I’d like to see how he does with the existing players, and who he brings up from youth levels. And what he does from a tactical and motivational aspect.

Him being a big name, it should be easy to get coverage.


This relegation fight is nuts. Everton just bailed out West Brom/


Oh shit.


hope he can recover.

unrelatedly: liverpool wyd


Dang, I’m feeling emotional. Really liked that the club gave him the Invincibles trophy.


That’s what that trophy was? WOW. That is an A+ Gesture.


Waypoint Awards! Make up whatever categories. The spicier the take, the better.

Best manager - Rafa Benitez
Thought he did incredible considering the bizarre issues surrounding the club. Unfulfilled promises of funds, a takeover that didn’t happen, crappy owner. Honestly, I think he should be a top pick for any club looking to bring in a new manager.

Most low key good team - Burnley
Seriously, they’re playing in Europe next season.

Most disappointing team - Everton
I legit thought they’d be somewhere in the top six at the start. They made hella moves like they were playing a game of Football Manager 2018 or FIFA 18.

Most likely to be relegated next season - Southampton
Okay, so I can’t really say much about the teams promoted from the Championship. But I’m pretty disillusioned by Southampton’s transfer, recruitment and development policies. They’re just letting go of way too much and are unable to replenish. I have no clue about anyone coming up.

Edit: This comic is killing me:


Best Manager - Klopp. Hands down a genius, it’s easy to look at him and just focus on the charisma and his personality, but his tactical genius and eye for the game is massively ignored. Also to achieve top 4, and smash our Champions league target by getting to the final AFTER losing what was seen as the spine of our team in Coutinho and losing players to injury is phenomenal. However I love Rafa and what he has done for Newcastle is unbelievable, it made me so happy they beat Chelsea in the last game of the season.

Funniest Team - Everton. Oh Everton, we’re all laughing at you. Fat Sam? really? when it was announced he was taking over, all the everton fans I know were so angry it was hilarious. And Rooney, and Everton legend because of his actions at Utd, you couldnt write it. I legit thought Everton would have been relegated when they had that awful start, which HAHA, but also I would of missed having a derby.

Best Player - Salah. The Egyptian King. My Pharaoh. The New Mohamed (PBUH). I mean he got the golden boot in his first season back in the prem, and broke records for most goals scored in a season. If he can repeat this next season, he is on track to follow Messi and his 100 goal year.

Biggest Fraud - Pep Guardiola & his defence. Other than Liverpool, I have never seen a defence crumble like this before when pressured.

Biggest Relief - Hearing Ferguson pulled through. By no means am I a fan, I dont like him whatsoever… in football. But for what he does for socialism I respect him, so when it was reported he was awake and talking, there was a great relief.

Saddest Moment - Wenger resigning. Wait, dont get it twisted though, im not sad that Wenger left because of the emotional bond he has with Arsenal… Im sad that his awful decisions will no longer be critiqued on Arsenal Fan TV, those hilarious cockneys cracked me up everytime.


Surprised Liverpool are as high as 2/1 to beat Real Madrid in the final.


Madrid defence are stupidly weak in the areas we are strong, they leave so much space for wingers


Heads up, for anyone wanting better soccer writing, the Athletic just announced their soccer vertical. The EIC, Qurashi, is the older founder Howler Magazine, also extremely good, and the list of writers on board for the new vertical is very strong.

I’m in no way connected to this group, but this new vertical alone probably makes the Athletic worth it in my eyes.


Best Iphone Case: This one:


This is a pretty good hat for the Salah fans.